An excerpt from “SPACES – Scornfully Prankish Autonomous Closedown of the Economy and the State”, by Apio Ludd

Autonomous Wildcat Strike

But let’s face it, the most immediate experience you and I have of not playing our own game comes when that alarm goes off in the morning, and we or those we love have to get up and head off yet again to an activity not of our choosing, an activity we carry out for someone else in order to gain the means of survival imposed by the economy: money. But why do we need money? Because the game the masters of this world have imposed blackmails us into: paying rent, paying taxes (to pay the salaries for those we let make the decisions about our live), paying the debt we believe we owe for being alive. So it only makes sense that along with a rent, tax, debt and voters’ strike, we also go on strike against work – against the imposed activity that separates you and I from the immediate meeting of our own needs and creation of our own lives as we want them. To remain autonomous, to actually close down the economy and the state, this would have to be a wildcat strike. Unions are both decision-making bodies separate from the immediate lives of those they represent and organs of arbitration with the intent of bringing things back to normal as quickly as possible. So if you and I want to put an end to our masters’ game, if you and I want to close down the economy and the state, if you and I want to start playing out own games on our own terms, we will need to do so outside of all unions and parties, outside of all representative bodies, outside of any organization or structure that makes decisions for us. We’ll need to go on permanent wildcat strike.

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