Blog Update: Malware, Reddit AMA and Future Plans!

And nothing but!

Hey everyone, as you may have been able to tell this site was down(ish) for the past day or so. Really sorry about that. Apparently it had to do with some sort of malware that was fairly popular. It got taken care of today, thanks in no small part to my friend Vinnie who helps with the domain more generally.

Thanks Vinnie!

But despite that the site hit record highs for site views over the past views in a single day. Our new highest amount of views is 172! I can’t remember what it was before but it was somewhere around 150 perhaps.

The Reddit AMA went as well as it could’ve given the circumstances. Everyone seemed to like my answers, find them helpful and even someone who said that they sympathize with right-libertarian views sometimes said that they now understood anti-work a bit better.

I was partially hoping that the AMA would also have fun comments and there’s one but for the most part it was all “business”, AKA me answering stuff on anti-work. Which is totally fine I mean…that is the subreddit I posted on after all. Maybe next time I’ll try to do an AMA on a more general board like the AMA one? We’ll see!

But anyways, go check out that AMA. It’ll be useful for people wanting to know some basics about the anti-work position like:

Ugh, that sounded like an advertisement…excuse me while I go wash myself of this.

Finally, I just want to announce that I’ll begin starting on The Working Stiff Manifesto book review in the coming days. I may have it done before the new year but we’ll see! I’ll also have some op-ed type stuff about recent-ish events that have been going on in the world of work so look out for that too!

And finally, thanks so much to everyone who supports the site and gives encouraging comments and links me to stuff about work, I always appreciate it!

Happy slacking!


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