The End of Year Slackathon Wrap-up Extravaganza!

Go Team Slackers!

Hope you have a happy New Year!

May it be filled with slacking beyond your wildest dreams!

What does 2015 hold for the site?

New posts by new users, more op-eds, some re-posts from C4SS that never made the cut and more book reviews!

And hey, maybe down the road our very own distribution for pins and pamphlets! That way you can talk about Abolish Work where you live! But stuff like that can only with your support and more importantly your monetary support! So if you’ve got a buck or more to donate please feel to Flattr this post or click on the donate button for my Paypal! 🙂

So anyways, I hope your last day of 2014 is filled with much merriment and much ado about nothing.

See ya in 2015!

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