Patreon Update for 5/4/16

I’m still digging the irony too much, sorry y’all.

The end of April meant that I just submitted the rough draft of my manuscript a few days ago!

I’m waiting to hear back from the publisher and what they think but so far the book is a little under 350 pages and has around 30 different authors contributing to it! It’s so exciting that this is all coming together.

But how did I do last month?

Abolish Work Stats (Source: Dashboard and

Let’s dive in:

  • I posted 17 times
  • 7 of which were original articles
  • Rounding each original articles word count downwards and not including lazy posts, Patreon updates or blog updates I wrote around 13,000 words
  • I’ve calmed down on my submissions to Reddit after receiving a temporary ban of three days for spamming. Moving forward I’m only going to repost original articles and even then I’ll aim to do it sparsely. Possibly 2 times a month. Apologies to those who felt I was abusing my account as a mere advertisement tool, they were right anyhow.
  • In a months time we’ve gotten over 3,000 views and over 2,000 visitors.
  • Even though we got more than double that the month prior this is still rather impressive given the fact that my advertising for the site has decreased (see previous bullet point).
  • During the month of May we had an average of over 100 visitors per day
  • From March 28th to to May 4th we had an average weekly visitor rate of 790
  • In the last 30 days search engines have been my friend, directing over 600 views to the website.
  • Reddit is still standing tall in terms of social media referrals at a little under 400 while Facebook and Twitter are both around the 100s.
  • One interesting referral was a thread Unemployment Movement’s site which had a thread on anti-work resources. One of the moderators was kind enough to reference the site, many thanks to them for that!
  • The word “boredom” at 18 times has a rather heavy lead in terms of being searched compared to the next biggest search “hard work” which is at a measly 5.
  • “Unknown search terms” were searched over 300 times…so good job WordPress?
  • Patreon was clicked on the most at 14 clicks in the last 30 days with Wikipedia and Youtube being tied for second place at 8 clicks.
  • The enhanced states on WordPress state that Abolish Jobs and the Police State Dies With It was my most viewed article at a little under 200 views with my article on “Cultural Fit” not too far behind. My announcement of a new pamphlet and my follow-up to John Dishwasher was also viewed quite a bit!
  • In April t the US has over 2,000 views with the UK and Canada still in the lower 100s.
  • Some countries of note: Nearly 50 views from Brazil, a little over 20 views from Mexico and folks from the Philippines had 11 viewers in the month of April. That’s all really exciting stuff and I want to again give a big shootout to the non-US audience!

That’s some really great new packed into a lot of bullet points!

I’m hoping as time goes on word will spread enough that the site (ahem) automates itself in terms of popularity.

But only time will tell.

Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS) Publications

I wrote four op-eds and one blog post in the month of April and generally speaking my op-eds are around 600 words so my word reach was about 2400 words (conservatively speaking).

Here are the op-eds and blog post in question:

I’ve put the prison study on hold for personal reasons and decided to re-focus my efforts on The Anarchist Township.

Concluding Notes

I’ll drop some details later this month about the book if the rough draft goes over well.

My living situation may be changing within the next month and that may require me to get a (wait for it) job.

I’m currently writing and have a pet sitting and dog walking business but it likely won’t be enough in the new living situation, should it work out. But we’ll see.

I’ve gotten wonderful contributions from old friends and new and I super appreciate it, thank you!

If you’d like to help support me (or help me pay my upcoming increase in rent!) feel free to donate to my Patreon!

Lastly and most importantly thank you to my patrons: Paula, James Ben, David and Eben for all of their support!

Happy slacking, y’all.



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