Patreon Update for 8/4/16

Right out of the gate I’ll say that last month in terms of output probably wasn’t the best.

In addition to starting a new job, going through a lot of personal issues (and whatever normal stress I have to deal with, every post was really hard to do. Still, I tried my best to keep content happening at least a few times a week (which I did) but it was still difficult and I know I can always do better.

I’m hoping this month will mark a bit of an improvement because I’ve settled into this new job a little bit and have a schedule that I’ve settled into as well. Plus, a lot of the personal stress I was dealing with has subsided in my mind and I’ve had growth in my life that’s replaced those things for the better.

So I’m hoping (as always) do to do better for You, my reader and my Patrons and of course (most importantly), myself.

With that perfunctory remark out of the way let’s see how July went!

Abolish Work Stats for July 2016

  • I posted 9 times (10 times in June)
  • 7 of which were original articles by me (4 in June)
  • Despite a much more taxing month I more than doubled my (conservatively estimated) word count to over 8,000 words and that’s rounding downwards and not including the monthly Patreon update or any lazy posts!
  • Busyness and the Passage of Time got the most views at 229 thanks to the r/simpleliving user Joseph_Ratliff sharing it. Joseph has shared my work on this subreddit beforehand and never fails to bring me some attention from that subreddit and I’m very thankful for his kindness.
  • I Find Your Lack of Boredom Disturbing got slightly over 75 views despite the fact that I’ve done no advertising for it besides the last Patreon update in July and it was originally published in June. Impressive…most impressive.
  • Reddit, Facebook and Twitter continue to be my main hubs of advertising. I am still doing well with submitting to Reddit every week or two and haven’t gotten spam notifications. I’ve also been trying to advertise by linking the original link and then putting my commentary in the thread.
  • The combined monthly views for the site were (again) over 2,000 which is amazing!
  • The site averaged 65 views a day and over 450 views a week!
  • Over 1,000 unique visitors took a look at the site!
  • My top referral was (as always) search engines, with 420 views, Reddit having 281 and Twitter a little over a 100.
  • Unsurprisingly boredom is still the most searched term on my website, with 25 and nothing even coming close.
  • C4SS was my most clicked site with Youtube and Wikipedia taking second and third, respectively.
  • I did better than in July for my American audience with over 1,200 views in the US but conversely lost a bit from my UK audience from 200 to a little under 175. Canada and Russia this time are third and fourth for countries that took a look at the site the most with 64 and 55 views.
  • Interesting countries to highlight this time around include Lithuania (16 views), Singapore (13) and South Africa (11).

Given everything that happened in July for me (it was a lot), I’m humbled and really appreciative so much attention was still given to this site. I’ll do my best to get the momentum I’ve already got through my previous post a few days ago.

July 2016 Center for a Stateless Society Publications

.The difficulties didn’t stop with this blog of course, they also affected my output at C4SS. I was still able to put out three op-eds but that was opposed to my normal four op-eds and a book review / feature article.

I’ll see what I can do this month to make up for that.

For now, here’s what was published:

Being translated (which has happened before) is such an honor and so is all of the support I get from people for my C4SS writings, thanks for that y’all!

If you want to see how well I did in terms of getting media attention (spoilers: Really well!) then please check out the media coordinator reports by my friend and fellow C4SS writer, Erick Vasconcelos.

Especially the one for June where he reports:

The runaway champion in June, nevertheless, was none other Nick Ford, amassing a fantastic count of 11 pickups with his “Equal Access to the Draft is Equality Not Worth Having.”

I could cite all of the outlets who liked his piece, but you definitely should click on the article to read it and understand why it was so successful.

Sites like Countpunch,, The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) and many others reposted it and I’m super thankful and grateful for this!

Concluding Remarks

Just today the publisher and I moved onto another stage in the process! Very excited to see what comes of all of this and it looks like the book will (unsurprisingly) be different from the proposed table of contents I showed y’all a few months ago.

As always, major thanks to Eben (who I forgot to thank last month!), Paula, James, David, Abe and a special thanks to Leslee who is a new patron!

If you want to support me, you can always donate to my Patreon! I’m a pretty frugal person and am saving up money for future plans related to the book, so every dollar really helps!

I added a new goal to my Patreon at the $25 mark (already reached!) which says I’ll dedicate myself (to the best of my ability) to write at least three original articles a week at 1000 words (or more). I’ve pretty much been doing this (as well as the Patreon update I mention at the beginning of every month) but I wanted to formalize this expectation a little.

Also, I may have found a studio and a person to work with on an Abolish Work podcast! It wouldn’t cost me much (if anything) and the person I’m working with has been a long-time supporter of the site. It wouldn’t exactly be a 1:1: relation to the site (it may be more general than anti-work themes) but it would be as close as I think I can get it right now.

Look forward to that and more exciting news as the month presses on!

Happy slacking y’all!


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