5 Ways Jobs Are Hopelessly Stacked Against You

Today I went through an article on Cracked all about job interviews and how awful they are, I wondered what a similar article might look like if it focused on the next part: Actually having the job. Here’s my version. 5. Your resume didn’t really matter in the end It’s a nice initial feeling when…

Notice of Absence

Due to extenuating personal issues and declining mental health I’ll be taking a hiatus from writing for this site until such a time that I feel emotionally and mentally up to the task. Take care and hope to talk soon.

Organic Batteries, by Winter Trabex

By now, over eighteen years since its release in movie theaters, everyone has either seen or heard of a film called The Matrix. The story of The Matrix follows a hacker named Thomas Anderson as he grapples with a meaningless 9 to 5 job, his own illegal activity, and his feeling that something is wrong…

Notice of Name and Gender Change

I’m officially going by Doreen/Dory, either is applicable. I consider myself non-binary but still like she/her for the best approximate pronouns. If this ever changes I’ll be sure to update that to the site. Happy slacking, y’all!

Autopilot, by Andrew Smart (Chapter 5)

Chapter 5: You are a self-organizing system As far as I can tell from my notes, this chapter starts off really interesting but then falls flat after that. The reason why it starts off so interesting is because Smart quotes Peter Kropotkin. Kropotkin, for those who don’t know, is a notable anarchist communist thinker who…