Welcome to Abolish Work!

We strive towards disseminating information about and related to reducing the amount of work in society.

By work we mean what Bob Black says in his classic essay, The Abolition of Work,

“Work is production enforced by economic or political means, by the carrot or the stick.”

In other words, we are against the notion that people should be structurally limited and optioned out of a better, more peaceful and playful life by the powers that be. Generally speaking, we reject governments and the corporations that grow out of them as well as the Protestant/Puritan work ethic which enables the modern day work ethic to persist and destroy people’s lives.

To abolish work we advocate many solutions. We do not favor panaceas and we think that many options are available to those who seek them.

Some favor off-the-grid living and communal living as alternatives. While others want to work within the given society and change the norms that dictate work supposed necessity. Whichever of these two you advocate or if you advocate a mix of the two we welcome them here for discussion and thought.

Although this site is focused on abolishing work we are also open to people interested in reducing the role of work in our lives through diminishing it in small or big ways.

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Happy Slacking!