Interested in writing for the site?

Just email me at findingdory192@gmail.com!

Tell me what you want to contribute (giving a brief summary is fine) as well as what name you would like it to be published under. If you don’t want a profile on this site then I can always publish it under my name and denote its by you or a pseudonym of your choice.

We publish videos, songs, poetry, articles, interviews (written or not), audio clips, short blogs, critical observations, romantic cheer for the future, doom-and-gloom nods to the past and so on. As long as it’s related to the reduction of work in society in some way and you can make that link clear enough then it’s fair game!

We also accept people from all perspectives. Anarchist or not, you’re welcome to submit your idea to us and we’ll see if it suits the site. The quality of the link, the ease of reading and the relevance to the site’s goals are some of the biggest indicators of whether it goes up. Those those are by no means the only indicators or important factors.

It is also important to note that here at Abolish Work we really encourage all of our writers to ask for permission if you want to reprint other people’s work.  Not out of some subservient respect for copyrights themselves but people’s own art and their private intentions. If you want to learn more about that please click here or go to the Copyright page.

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    • Thanks for your comment, Joshua!

      I’ll check out your site when I have the time and energy. Appreciate your comments!

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