Anti-Copyright, Pro-Permission

As stated on the Write page we want to make sure the writers here ask for permission from other writers if they are interested in reprinting other people’s work.

We encourage this not out of a respect for intellectual property (which broadly speaking we oppose) but out of respect for people who may not want to be associated with the site for whatever reason.

There are exceptions of course, like in the above link where the author has given explicit permission to not ask for their permission. Other exceptions would include individuals who have died, organizations that it would probably be too difficult to get in touch with or folks who have put things like Creative Commons 3.0 and the like on their site/writings/work.

This is to be polite and make sure anyone who has associated with this site has, ideally, agreed to it.

If for whatever reason you can’t get permission to reprint (either denied or not responded to) then in most cases it is better to be on the safe side and not do it at all.

In addition, all material on this site should be considered open to reprinting, remixing and using for your own personal or commercial use unless otherwise explicitly stated. All writers are free to deny their work being shared if that is what they wish but this is not necessarily encouraged.

In addition all writers are encouraged to post their work on many different websites and venues. We do not claim some sort of “exclusive license” on the work produced here, again, unless the authors wish for that to be the case.

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