You Can Now Buy My Book!


And you can buy it here!

You can read about the latest updated schedule for my book tour here.

Lastly, I just want to thank everyone who supported me and helped this become a reality!

Now, excuse me while I go explore the east coast for a few weeks.

Happy slacking and happier reading!


4 thoughts on “You Can Now Buy My Book!

  1. Hi Nick,

    I just finished reading your book and noticed there is no mention of Crimethinc (even in the further readings). Is this an intentional move or a mere oversight? I am wondering if you are egregiously opposed to what they have to say (if so, I am curious to know why) or perhaps have just never encountered them before.


    • Hey!

      So first off thanks so much for reading the book! I hope you enjoyed it.

      Second, the further reading section specifies that I only list things I have read myself and feel good recommending.

      So to answer your question I haven’t really gotten around to “Abolish Work” by CrimeThinc yet but I plan to!

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