Hello, my name is Nick Ford and I am the owner of this site,

First thing is first, I have to thank David S. D’Amato for buying the original domain and offering it to me.

For that and that alone he deserves the first and last credit for me going through with this idea. He decided that he didn’t need the domain for anything and I elected to take it on. That was (unfortunately) a few months ago. In that time, I tried to determine a good host as well as how to untangle some domain issues. Both of these things took way too long for me to figure out and handle decisively.

Such is the life of a slacker and procrastinator, I suppose.

But the more important thing is that the site is finally done in its initial stage and is ready for posts to be put on it by me and several others. is aiming to be a sort of home for “work and its discontents“. A place where you can find essays, blogs, observations, songs, poems and whatever else you can imagine about ending or reforming work. We welcome everyone from the hardened abolitionists to the reformers and the ones in between.

When I say work I am specifically referring to activity that is compulsory via economic and political structures. Good examples of this are the current contexts in which most wage-labor currently plays out in. Laborers have their ability to have their own capital limited by artificial barriers to entry caused by the state and capitalism. And so they are more likely than they would be under freed conditions to work under a boss and/or for a big corporation.

It may be obvious by now that my arguments here are perhaps not informed by the usual suspects when it comes to anti-work advocates. Although I’ve read some post-left articles and talked to folks of that persuasion and consider myself sympathetic, I don’t necessarily consider myself one. Generally speaking I consider myself more informed by Voltairine de Cleyre, anarchism without adjectives and left-libertarianism. But I hope that this does not discourage anyone from sharing their ideas because this isn’t just my site and I am not the only one posting here. I want plenty of people from plenty of perspectives to lend their voices to the cause of anti-work. And I certainly don’t intend to turn this website into some sort of think tank that vaguely resembles a lot of my politics (that already exists).

Instead, what I really want is a lot of the anti-work folks to come together and talk about what needs to be done. Right now, in the future, what should have been done in the past, etc. All three of these things are needed as well as any mix of those three things.

I want different perspectives on work too. Some people may think that living outside of society will help change it or they just don’t care enough to want to change society but still think this is the best way to live. Others want to work within the existing society in various ways. And there may also be some who are a mix of the two. Again, I am perfectly willing to accommodate all of these things for this site.

But even though there should be plenty of diversity on this website, I have my limits as most people do.

For example, I am not looking for this site to promote anti-work ideology so we can be wealthy while the majority of people are poor and working too hard. That sort of aristocratic anti-work ethic is historical within the examples of past slackers and is important to talk about and analyze. But it isn’t what this site is about. If I feel an article undercuts the purpose or message of the site or important related messages then I reserve the right to deny the article.

To sum it up then:

This site is about giving people a central hub of information from the anti-work perspectives. And whether it’s theory or practice or a combination we hope it will be useful to the average worker, reader or whomever in their daily life.

We are an open forum so please let us know if you feel like you’ve got a response to an article by us you’d like to run. This is the case even if you aren’t espousing anti-work views (and are in fact espousing the opposite).

One reason for this is so this site looks like less of an echo chamber. Another reason is to encourage others to get involved and try to strengthen the anti-work message via vigorous but civil discussion on the subject. And finally so the discussion is easier to follow for our readers.

For my own part some of my upcoming posts will be re-publishing other popular anti-work material and putting it on this site. I am also going to put up an anti-work essay that I read last year. It will have to be sightly reworked and modified so expect that later rather than sooner. And finally we shall have some writers who are already lined up offering some of their own perspectives and ideas about work and related subjects.

We hope you will enjoy what we have coming up and if you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to leave a comment below or email me at

Until there is only a leisure class and nothing but!

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