Oops, I did It Again (I Got a Job)

I’m working at another convenience store.

Sadly I’m not making enough money on here or C4SS to live off of (though it’s not bad and I appreciate that money for sure). So I have to take up a 20+ hour part-time job in the meantime until I can figure something else. It’s just to pay rent money of course, but I don’t have much of a choice. Writing is my passion and what I want to keep trying at and if it’s only sustainable through me also having shitty part-time jobs then that’s OK for a while, I guess.

I’m also in a bit of an emotional funk (I’ll be fine, it’s just difficult to deal with right now) and so its going to be harder for me to write things out because of that and because of the new job.

So basically: Expect less content for a bit until I can readjust.

Happy slacking, y’all.

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