Pulling a Sick-In

Well, not really.

I’ve got a moderate case of strep throat (coughing, congestion, general physical weakness) and it’s really disrupting my routines to the point that I’m not going to be posting on the site for the next few days or so. Gotta rest up and try to see when I can start posting on here but I suspect that should be by Thursday or so, maybe later!

Also, the Porcupine Freedom Festival starts this Sunday and goes till next Sunday so I will not be online during that time.

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up about that.

11 thoughts on “Pulling a Sick-In

  1. Yeah. It’s a libertarian festival. The kind of capitalist dickheads that believe freedom means the freedom to have wage slaves and to sell children. Rothbard would be proud.

  2. Umm
    ..yes he did. “Now if a parent may own his child (within the framework of non-aggression and runaway-freedom), then he may also transfer that ownership to someone else. He may give the child out for adoption, or he may sell the rights to the child in a voluntary contract. In short, we must face the fact that the purely free society will have a flourishing free market in children”.
    I thought your blog was anarchist. Obviously I was wrong. Unsubsribing.

  3. Unfollow me if you like but you are basically ignoring my article which also has quotes from him for anotjer quote that justifies your ideological sneering.

  4. By the way, I am not even a Rothbardian or an anarcho-capitalist. I just think your caricature of them deserves rebuffing.

  5. But I gave you a diect quote from Rothtard that you chose to ignore and were happy to defend him. I really thought you were less politically ignorant. Oh well, the Koch Brothers will be very happy to have your support.

  6. I only ignored your quote because you ignored my article that have you countering statements from Rothbard.

    I of course have spoken about youth liberation and oppose Rothbard’s quote you pasted but I linked the other article to inject some much needed nuance in the conversation.

    But again, nuance doesn’t appeal to folks who would rather engage in ideological sneering.

  7. Well you know if you are going to waste my time defending rothtard then I’m out. You win.

    …the capitalists take another slice of the proletariats free time. Well done.

    • It isn’t about winning and it isn’t about Rothbard. It is about rebuffing poor and frankly intellectually lazy (and not in the good way) argumentation.

      Have a good one.

      (By the way, Marx took his class analysis from classical liberal thinkers like Comte and Dumoyer so you can thank them for your use of class analysis here :P)

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