Patreon Update for 10/3/16

Personal Update(s) / Introduction

I don’t know when I’ll have spare time in my tour for sure and especially not this much of it. Right now I’m in an ice cream cafe (yeah, I know) and I’ve got an hour or so to spare. I figure while we’re still in the early part(s) of October, I’d update y’all on what happened and what was accomplished during September.

It was, to understate things a little, a pretty kick-ass month.

My book is officially published, I just posted the table of contents for it alongside my updated tour dates and I’ve already sold over 10 books personally with a few other known purchases online coming from friends. It’s a rather exciting time in my life to say the least and I am pretty happy where things are.

I haven’t made any big decisions regarding what will replace my writing at C4SS but I’ve at least momentarily filled its hole with a podcast called Technologically Unemployed! I meant to announce this a few days ago in its own separate post but with everything that has been going on lately, I think it’s understandable of me to forget.

So now I’ve got this book tour, my book, this website and a podcast, all to focus on and put my efforts towards. That doesn’t include my bass guitar playing, poetry readings, seeing my friends, long-form essays, short stories and (when I get back) some shitty job I’ll have to have once in a while. I’m not completely at a loss of things to do, I suppose.

Anyways, let’s get on to how September went!

Abolish Work Stats for September 2016

  • With C4SS being less of a factor in my life, my book coming out and being able to get more of a handle on my job I was able to post a total of 13 times!
  • 8 of which were original articles!
  • Rounding the word count downwards and excluding lazy posts and my monthly Patreon blog update, I wrote over 11,000 words!
  • My Book Announcement: Abolish Work: A Philosophical Exposition of Ergophobia was my most popular post for the month of September at 184 views. The Truth About Labor Day by Thaddeus Russell was only 1 view less than that while my piece on Anti-Work Feminism and the UBI which I shared on a few subreddits got 132 views!
  • My total views for September were over 2,500 and I had over 1,500 unique visitors!
  • I averaged over 550 views a week and 88 views a day!
  • Search engines brought me over 700 views while Twitter was slightly above Reddit at 161 to 148, respectively.
  • Not much to report in terms of popular search results, “boredom pictures” was the most popular at…3.
  • Little Black Cart got the most click-based love at 23 clicks while Patreon and Wikipedia tied for second at 17.
  • The US had over 1600 views this time with nothing even remotely coming close. The UK was at second with 312 views and Canada had 93 views.
  • Notable this month for countries was the Netherlands at 16, Barbados at 14 views, and Norway at 11.

The late-Summer has been much kinder to me and especially this early Fall.

Once again, thanks to y’all for all of your support!

September 2016 Center for a Stateless Society Publications

These publications were more or less put out because I had already written them in advance:

A bit anti-climactic, but there you go.

Concluding Remarks

Well, now I’m at my friends house and getting ready to unwind.

If you want to know where I’ll be during this month then you can find that here.

You can buy my book here.

I want to thank my Patrons here: Paula, Eben, James, David and Abe!

And you can stop reading this and move on with your lives…


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