Table of Contents for Abolish Work: An Exposition of Philosophical Ergophobia

Foreword by David S. D’amato

1. Anti-Work 101

Preface by Nick Ford
Should We Abolish Work? by John Danaher
Does Work Really Work? by L. Susan Brown
8 Hours Too Many? E. Kerr
On The Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs by David Graeber
Antiwork–A Radical Shift in How we View Jobs by Brian Deane
From the Realm of Necessity to the Realm of Freedom by Kevin Carson
Divesting from the System: Spotlight on Jobs by MayMay

2. Anti-Work Commentaries

Preface by Nick Ford
Thoughts on Employment: “So What Do You Do?” by Mr. Wilson
To My Potential New Employer by Serena Ragia
Why I Don’t Care About You: an open letter to my employer by MayMay
I Quit, Because Capitalism by MayMay
Putting Work on Ice by Arlee Fox
Should We Have a Right to Not Work? by John Danaher
Does Work Undermine Our Freedom? by John Danaher
Inclined Labor by Grant A. Mincy
Stress, Labor, & Play by William Gillis
The Ecology of Play by Grant A. Mincy

3. Anti-Work and Technological Unemployment

Preface by Nick Ford
Are We Heading for Technological Unemployment? An Argument by John Danaher
Capitalism, Not Technological Unemployment, is the Problem by Kevin Carson
The David Autor Series by John Danaher:
1) Why Haven’t Robots Taken Our Jobs? The Complementarity Effect
2) Automation and Income Inequality: understanding the polarization effect
3) Polanyi’s Paradox: Will Humans Maintain Any Advantage over Machines?
When Jobs Become Obsolete by Mr. Wilson
The Nicholas Carr Responses, part 3 by John Danaher

4. Anti-Work and Individualist Anarchism

Preface by Nick Ford
The Individualist Anarchist and Work by Nick Ford
The Libertarian Virtue of Slack by Ryan Calhoun
“WORK!” by Sheldon Richman
Outlining a Story for the Anti-Work Position by Nick Ford
On Your Last Day of Work by Nick Ford and Various Other Slackers

Conclusion: An Anti-Work World by Nick Ford

Further Readings and Resources

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