Sharing the Good News

What could be more appropriate?

Today I decided to read an article from The Guardian about post-work. I expected to criticize it while correcting it.

Instead, I found myself pleasantly surprised in just how good the article is. It’s probably one of the best articles on anti-work I’ve read online (and I’ve read a handful or more over the years), it’s critical while being understanding.

I have a few minor gripes, but they are nitpicks, at best, and thus do not make for a compelling article.

Check it out for yourself, here.

One thought on “Sharing the Good News

  1. This is very much a philosophy I am becoming more into lately. Having worked so many crappy and/or dull jobs that spark zero interest me, I have seriously considered dropping out of work all together to pursue new interests. The idea becomes more and more appealing every day.

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