Patreon Update for 9/6/16

Not a command, just a suggestion.

Not a command, just a suggestion.

Personal Update(s) / Introduction

Let me be clear that August was a desperately tough month for me as I went through various personal and deeply emotional tribulations. The fact that I was still able to post 11 times in a month seems to me like a goddamn miracle considering everything I went through with my anxiety, depression and even suicidal ideation.

I can’t say I’m much better right now but I’m getting there.

Speaking of personal matters, my time at C4SS is drawing to a close as I will soon move on to focus more on Abolish Work, my upcoming book, the podcast (which I hope will start coming out this month!) and other projects. I’ve loved the Center very deeply and shall continue to, I wish it the best in becoming the seed for the revolution I know it can be.

That said, you can catch my last few contributions at the Center in a Mutual Exchange Symposium focused on the ideas of agorism this month as my last few contributions to C4SS.

I’m still considering what is going to replace the writing I did at C4SS but until then, I’ve decided to binge watch Community.

With all of that out of the way, let’s get to the statistics!

Abolish Work Stats for August 2016

Important Disclaimer: I don’t do statistics until the day of Patreon, so when I say “August 2016” I actually mean “the last 30 days” and I feel I haven’t been super clear about this. So for now on I’ll try to make that bit more transparent.

Next month I may just do the “advanced” statistics so I can just talk about a given month.

  • As just mentioned, I posted 11 times last month which is damn impressive given what I’ve said.
  • 7 of which were original articles
  • Rounding downwards and excluding lazy posts and my Patreon update I wrote over 6,500 words!
  • Unsurprisingly Thaddeus Russell’s The Truth About Labor Day has shown a spike of activity in the last 30 days but also notable was my book announcement which has gotten 138 views in a relatively short period of time, as well as #QuitYourJobin5Words Opens up Necessary Dialogue which has 96 views. Within August itself, What Work Does to Us All got over 200 views!
  • Reddit and Twitter as well as Facebook are still my go-to advertising sites and I think I’ve gotten sufficiently good at only sparsely populating particular subreddits with articles from here so as not to get suspended again.
  • My total monthly views for August (not the past 30 days) was slightly below 2000 at 1,962 but still a rather impressive amount all things considered.
  • I had 63 average views per day and over 450 average views per week!
  • I had nearly 2000 unique visitors for August!
  • Search engines have netted me a little under 600 views in the past 30 days, Reddit nabbed me a respectable 133 and Twitter is close behind at 120.
  • Boredom once again steals the search engine spotlight at 11 searches.
  • My Patreon account and Amazon were both equally clicked the most at 11 clicks.
  • The United States unsurprisingly dominates in terms of my main audience with over 1000 unique visitors from the US with the UK not even having half of half that amount.
  • Some interesting places I got visitors from include Barbados (14), Philippines (14) and United Arab Emirates (13).

Overall this Summer has really sucked but I’m ever grateful for all of the support everyone has given me.

Thank you so much, it means a lot.

August 2016 Center for a Stateless Society Publications

Again, in spite of a stressful month, I managed to put out three op-eds!

I will also say, in addition to having various other projects (both old and new) that I want to focus on, the pay rate at C4SS is starting to actually become eclipsed by my Patreon paycheck. And I feel like a lot of folks in C4SS are also being burnt out because of these sorts of conditions. Which, isn’t something I’m criticizing C4SS for, they’re an (A) think tank and I don’t expect them to be making any of us millionaires.

But at the same time, many of us (like me) have part-time jobs and would rather not have them and thus would like to focus on ways to get our writings out there and make money. And to be clear, C4SS has done wonderfully by me on both counts but it’s worth considering if there are other options.

Guess I’ll find out.

Concluding Remarks

I’ll make a more public announcement about C4SS but really, I don’t want to doddle on it. It’s best to just move on, focus on new projects and keep supporting C4SS in other ways. I’m happy about my book and about the podcast that I think y’al will enjoy and I’ve still got some big passions I’ve been neglecting (music, comic books, stories and long-form essays, etc.) that I might now be able to spend more time on.

My book tour will start on the same day my book is released which will be October 1st!

If you haven’t seen my book announcement (which has the book cover!) then please check it out.

Shout out to my Patrons: Paula, Eben, James, David, Abe and Leslee for all of y’alls support!



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