Patreon Update for 7/7/16

Sure, it’s an ugly font, but does work deserve any less?

This update will be slightly shorter than usual partially because June had far less content than I usually go for due to a mix of looking for a job, Porcfest, having strep throat and other writings taking up my time.

I hope to make up for that in July but with a job and some emotional stress going on right now I (as usual) am not going to promise anything.

With that out of the way let’s look at the numbers!

Abolish Work Stats for June 2016

  • I posted 10 times (12 last month)
  • 4 of which were original articles (9 last month)
  • Should We Abolish Work by John Danaher was the most viewed post, having been shared on the r/socialism Reddit. (as was Antiwork – a radical shift in how we view “jobs”)
  • Interestingly I Find Your Lack of Boredom Disturbing is consistently getting good views
  • Not counting lazy posts or my Patreon updating I wrote slightly less than 5000 words
  • My Reddit submissions have again been going great. I try to submit a piece by myself or something from the site every few weeks and stringently try to make sure it’s on topic. Most recently I shared Chris Shaw’s What is Money for Nothing? on the r/antiwork and r/UniversalBasicIncome subreddits to mixed results, as I expected.
  • Abolish Work was viewed a little over 2000 times in June and averaged 72 per day and averaged around 400 a week!
  • Abolish Work had over 1200 visitors on the site!
  • Search engines and I are going steady at this point with over 650 referrals in June and pretty much everything else in the low hundreds and under that. Reddit isunder 200 and Facebook is under 100, to be more specific.
  • Boredom remains the most interesting thing for my visitors (searched 35 times in June) as far as my site can gather. I’ll actually have another post about boredom soon, so look out for that!
  • John Stuart Mill took second at 7 searches.
  • was the most clicked on link at 13 clicks with Amazon and Wikipedia not far behind at 9 and 8 views, respectively.
  • Unsurprisingly the US is where most of my views come from, nearly 1200 in June came from the US. A little over 200 came from the UK while Canada and Germany had around 60 views.
  • Some cool places that checked the site out including South Africa, Serbia and hello to my Italian viewers as well!

So yeah, not the best month but I’m always striving to improve and hopefully July will be a good month to show that!

June 2016 Center for a Stateless Society Publications

I posted three op-eds and a new addition to the Voltairine de Cleyre collection:

Concluding Remarks

I have been speaking with the publisher and (if all goes well) the book may be out in a little over a few months.

Man, I am so not prepared to be a published author.

And of course, many thanks to James, Paula, David, Ben, Abe and Ben for all of their support!

If you want to support me (I just need $18 to start the Abolish Work podcast with the proper equipment!) then please visit my Patreon page.

Happy slacking!

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