“Which Countries Work the Longest Hours?” [Infographic]

…All…all of them? 🙁

I got emailed another one of these fancy info-graphics about work and this time it revolves around countries and the average amount of work their citizens do in a given week.

You can find the graphic here (see an isolated version, here) and you can find its citations (which I’ve skimmed over, but most of them look fairly official if nothing else) in order of appearance here:

Obviously, the Japanese looks the least official but overall I don’t find any of the statistics non-intuitive or hard to believe. I suppose I’d guess that America is higher than 43. But that’s not surprising given how America-centric most of my articles are and the focus on the obnoxious culture of busy-ness we have here.

Hopefully this can be a useful database for future use and may be helpful for those of us who see work as a fairly large problem, not just in our countries, but all around the world.

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