Patreon Update for 6/6/16

Just FYI.

10 years ago the Devil was having a good day, I imagine.

I’ve submitted my final draft of my manuscript and am waiting on the publisher to see what they think.

Without further ado, let’s check on how May went!

Abolish Work Stats for May 2016

  • I posted 12 times (17 last month)
  • 9 of which were original articles (7 last month)
  • The most viewed article was my Jobs May be For Machines but the UBI isn’t for Me at nearly 200 views
  • The most surprising article that was viewed a lot was Is Hard Work Valuable? which was published in 2014 but seems to have a good mix of key phrases for Google.
  • Rounding each original article’s word count down and not including any other posts I wrote around 16,000 words!
  • My Reddit submissions have been going smoothly. My plan has been to post new stories and articles I comment on and then mention in the comments section that I have a commentary on my site. Once every other week I might post an original article I’m particularly proud of or worked quite a bit on and have received no complaints.
  • Abolish Work got over 2,500 views and averaged 85 views per day and 758 per week!
  • Abolish work had over 1,500 unique visitors!
  • Search engines got the goods at over 650 referrals, Reddit took second place at 273 and Twitter beat out Facebook by a fairly wide margin with 133 to 66.
  • There’s this alt-right site that keeps referencing me and I want to reassure y’all I have nothing to do with being on that site. Apparently the owner of the site digs anti-work but I don’t exactly endorse their political commitments.
  • With 30 searches, “boredom” is still the thing interesting folks the most on this site. Hard work comes in second at 11 searches and beats everything else by a (relatively) wide margin.
  • Patreon, C4SS and Yotube were all clicked on the most at 14, 13 and 10, respectively.
  • The Good(?) Ol’ US of A had over 1,500 views with the UK at a little over 200 and Canada being just under that.
  • South Africa, Japan and Singapore all had over 10 visitors, which is amazing to me!

That’s a lot of good news for this site and I’m hopeful things will continue to go so smoothly as we approach the Summer!

May 2016 Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS) Publications

I wrote one book review and four op-eds!

My study on prisons has been completed and successfully submitted to C4SS and I’ve been paid for it too!

Just waiting to see it on the site and make any final changes.

Concluding Remarks

I’ll try to keep y’all up to day with my manuscript but my hope is that the book will be out before the end of the year!

Thank you as always to my patrons; Paula, Eben, James, David and Ben!

If you want to donate to my site to help make an Abolish Work podcast happen, here is the link.



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