Patreon Update for 12/3/16

A suggestion, not a command.

A suggestion, not a command.

Personal Update(s)/Introduction

Wow, so, a lot can change in a month, huh?

The last time I wrote one of these things the election hadn’t happened, my hard drive hadn’t crashed, I had one more roommate to help pay the rent and I had just gotten back from my book tour a week or so ago. I was busily looking for a job while still trying to fill out this site with informative posts as much as possible.

Now, we’ve got a fascist president-elect, my old laptop is dead, I have one less roommate (which means rent has gone up) and my book tour seems like a pleasant memory. In addition, I recently got a 20 hour a week, $9 an hour, retail job that has already been much smoother than my previous job, despite only working for a total of three hours so far at my new job.

Right now, I’m typing this out on a spare iiMac that a wonderful friend of mine hasn’t used in years. They had a wireless keyboard and one of my roommates had a wireless mouse. So I’m living alright right now and am going to be able to keep writing while I work at my job, wait for some much needed holiday money and save up for a new computer.

I’ve also lost a few Patrons in the last month. I’m not sure if that’s got something to do with personal issues, my own input and dedication or something else. I haven’t really been able to get a hold of them so I’m not sure if it’s me or it’s them or heck, maybe it’s both? I don’t know.

All I can keep doing is keep doing what I’ve been doing and hope it’s good enough.

Speaking of, let’s see how I did last month!

Abolish Work Stats for November 2016

  • I posted 11 times!
  • of which were original articles!
  • Not including the Patreon update or blog updates and rounding the total word count for every point downward (to better account for quotes, etc.) I wrote over 10,000 words! Approximately 11,100, to be more accurate.
  • This is including my previously written out 7 Key Concepts for Anti-Work Philosophy, which was quite a hit on the site at over 360 views in the past 30 days! My explicitly ant-fascist post Moving Forward was over 250 and Liberalism Won’t Save Us From Work was a little under a 100, all in 30 days,
  • The site had over 2,500 views in the past 30 days, with an average of 84 views per day in November and an average of over 550 views a week!
  • In terms of referrals, search engines had my back the most as per usual but Twitter and Reddit were also big helps at  203 and 248 in the past 30 days, respectively.
  • Nothing to particularly note about search terms in the past 30 days.
  • C4SS got the most clicks at 21 with Google Docs getting 20 and Little Black Cart at 15.
  • I can’t access the enhanced statistics so I have no data on views/visits per countries, sorry!

Concluding Remarks

As I said last month, I’m gearing up for some book reviews, especially with my to-do list for this site dwindling as time goes on and it’s likely I’ll finish it before this month is over! The to-do list, for those who don’t know is just my way of keeping track of given article ideas I have or podcast episodes I need to check out, etc. for inspiration, etc.

Given some of the personal circumstances I mentioned above, being a patron is more important than ever! Even just $5 really helps me out and makes me feel a bit more secure in my current financial situation.

Thank you to my lovely patrons: Paula, David, Eben, Abe and Leslee!

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