Patreon Update for 1/5/17 and 2016 Retrospective

“build bridges not walls” (Via Wholesome Memes)

Personal Updates/Introduction

It wasn’t as if the holidays perpetually kicked my ass, it was more of a sporadic ass-kicking. My mental health has also been swingingly wildly through the “OK” to “Oh God I am gonna drown in my own tears”. So, it was a tough month for me on a lot of fronts and only had little peaks of happiness once in a while thanks to the support of my friends.

The new year isn’t starting off much better for me but I’m trying to power through it and look for positives that I can grasp onto. I’m taking an exciting trip to DC next month to see some lovely friends and attend a libertarian conference I haven’t been to in a few years. I’ve also just wrapped up a lovely pet-sitting gig that will give me the necessary funds for a new laptop. And during Christmas I got a used iPhone that has helped me better stay on top of things, so that’s been nice.

Work is…well I want to write a post about it eventually, but let’s just say my job has been very interesting and in some unexpected ways.

I just had an interview with a producer from This is Hell! podcast which is a podcast I took a look at a while back. I’m pretty happy with how it went, even if it was all very off the cuff. I’m excited to see it released before the week is over! Also excited that my podcast that I co-host with two other fine folks Eben and Sean is continuing. Did you know we have a site where we host all of our episodes? Check out that website here!

I’ll get to more personal updates a little later on, but on to the stats!

Abolish Work Stats for December 2016

  • I posted 8 times this month, not a sum I am happy with but I also had a very tough month as I said earlier and a few of these posts were rather long. So, for example, I had some posts later in the month that would’ve equaled 3 or 4 normal blog posts all wrapped up into one, word count wise. So keep that in mind as well!
  • On the other hand of those 8 were original articles with the other being my Patreon update!
  • By a conservative estimate, not including the Patreon post and rounding down all of my word counts for each original article I wrote over 16,000 words! That’s over 5000 words more than last month!
  • My Comments on the Hanson-Caplan debate was the most viewed posts at 135, with a surprise return of You Are Not Your Productivity (131 views) being shared somewhere on Facebook, but I have no idea where, so thanks to that person/those people who did that! My Anti-Work Liberalism is the Problem came in at third with a little over 90 views!
  • The site had over 2,200 views last month and averaged over 500 views a week!
  • Search engines got me nearly 500 views last month while FB got me a respectable 202 and Twitter had 156.
  • I’ll hold off on including search terms unless there’s something worth noting.
  • had the most clicks at 22, a link from This Body is Not an Apology had 20 good ol’ Wikipedia had 13.
  • I can look at my enhanced statistics and per country the US (as usual) got me the most views with over 1,300! The UK had “second” with a little over 200 and Canada had nearly 200 views.
  • Some interesting countries include India (20), Hungary (16) and Romania oddly had 53 views.

Concluding Remarks/2016 Wrap-Up

2016 was the best year for this website.

I say this not only because it was viewed over 38,000 times (which is over 10,000 from last year!) but because I have gotten better and better at all of this. From learning more about myself, about writing, I came out with a book and learned how to manage a book tour for the first time ever. A friend suggested the stats could be due to the book and naturally I don’t think the book had nothing to do with such amazing numbers. But October (the month the book came out) didn’t have vastly different numbers as opposed to the other months previously or after, they all hover around 2,000.

My hope is that 2016 was no fluke and that in 2017 I’ll be able to grow this site even more. I hope to come out with many more book reviews, release some collections of my work through another publisher, interview some anti-work theorists and a whole lot more! A lot of this is stuff I just came up with off the top of my head so don’t hold me to any of it, but I’ll try!

Most of all I just really want to thank the Patrons, the fans, the people who have supported my hard (ahem) work over the past year to make this site what it is. Thanks to Travis, my webmaster, for being such a great help and a generally big fan of the site as well as Eben Palazzolo for also being a great reservoir of support.

And of course, thank you to all of my wonderful readers. The people who actually took time to engage with me last year and boost whatever credibility I have, the folks who shared my articles over social media. Even the folks who hate me should even get a shout out for making me more popular than I’d be otherwise!

Thanks to David, Leslee, Jamie, Eben, Abe and Paula as well as other previous Patrons!

Thanks to my family and my friends for supporting this crazy idea. Last year has proved to me that I don’t need writing venues like C4SS anymore to publish my writings. I’m happy enough to do my own thing and focus more closely on Abolish Work, long-form essays through The Anarchist Township as well as other side projects such as a comic book!

I’m very excited about the future and I endeavor to keep hope and love in my heart for the coming months ahead. I know they’ll be hard for many of us, but I also think about all of the support, love and solidarity we can (and do!) show each other every day and how that’s getting easier and easier to do.

All Hail Bright Futures and happy slacking in 2017!

…to smash fascism (also via Wholesome Memes!)

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