Patreon Update for 11/3/16

“Us? Who’s us?” I have a mouse in my pocket…?

Personal Update(s) / Introduction

October was quite the monumental month for me in many ways.

Not least of which a collection I edited was published, I went on a book tour that spanned the North East and then some, made a lot of connections and sold tons of books! In the end, I fell short of my goal (38 copies sold instead of the 47 or thereabouts that i had one me) but made up for it in the fantastic experiences I had.

If you’re curious to read more about my book tour then you can do so here and here. It’s a two part post which should tell you how much fun and information I had to give about it. It was a great experience and I’m really glad I was able to take that time off of work and live in a (somewhat) sustainable way in the meanwhile.

Now that I’m back though it’s time to get another crap retail job (since I quit the one I had to go on tour) or try to see if I can get some steady writing gigs for a particular outlet and make my money like that. Neither are ideal options but one is certainly better than the other (can you guess which?) so I’m going to do my best to look into both.

As for personal writing projects, keep an eye out for a new essay on The Anarchist Township in the coming month about Voltairine de Cleyre as well as a youth liberation blog that I hope to release within the next month or so, if not 2017.

Lastly, keep my book tour in mind when you consider the following statistics for October 2016, I was slightly distracted.

Abolish Work Stats for October 2016

  • I posted 12 times
  • 6 of which were original articles
  • Astonishingly, even if I round down my word counts, don’t count lazy posts, blog updates or my Patreon update I still wrote over 13,000 words! I will note that I’m including my post-script interview from my book which I had previously written out but even without it, I still wrote over 10,000 words which is amazing in a month I was so consistently busy in.
  • You Can Now Buy My Book! was the most viewed post at views and the About page was second with 94 views.
  • The total views for the site were over 2,700 and I had nearly 1,450 visitors!
  • I averaged a little over 600 views per week and a little under 50 views a day. The first is a little more exciting than the last but they’re both great signs of the sites success.
  • Search engines gave me a little over 700 referrals and a shitty white nationalist site (I don’t know, don’t ask) gave me my second most amount of referrals with 149. Apparently this person really digs my articles for some reason…but I can’t say the feelings are mutual. Maybe I’ll write about how anti-work is an inherently anti-racist ideology or something at some point…
  • Time, work-discipline and industrial capitalism had the most search term results at…3? Yeah, apparently my UI isn’t that great for the users in this respect. Is there something I need to improve on or…is everything just easily so searchable some other way?
  • The book link for my Abolish Work got the most clicks at 51 with nothing even close.
  • The US easily got me the most views for at 1,700 or so while the UK had a little over 200 and Austria…at 179? Apparently I was really popular in Austria last month, but I have no idea why.
  • Notable countries this month for views (less than 20) were India (15), Denmark (15) and Mexico (11).

Concluding Remarks

A really solid month despite the fact that I was so busy!

Another awesome thing is I’m planning on re-starting my book review series this month or next. I just want to knock off a few more articles from my Abolish Work to-do list and then I want to start doing it again. It will be (as usual) in conjunction with my usual articles and so it won’t replace them.

I’ll likely do a chapter by chapter (unless the chapter is super long) review and then a book review that takes bits and pieces from each chapter review.

Aside from that I don’t have too much planned for the following few months as I try to re-establish myself economically with a new job, a few new projects and keeping up my usual pace.

But as usual, if you enjoy my writing you can donate to my Patreon.

And on that note thank you so much to these folks who really helped my tour happen:

James, David, Leslee, Eben and Abel.

Happy slacking, y’all!


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