Patreon Update for 9/3/17

I have one.

Patreon Update(s)/ Introduction

August was my birthday month and I actually ended up taking a bunch of days off to celebrate that. Now, what I meant to do what say that explicitly and let y’all know what was going on…but I kind of didn’t…oops. It was a mixture of forgetting, wondering if it was really necessary and (coincidentally) writing enough content beforehand.

Because, as it just so happened, I wrote a few long articles before I decided I was going to take a small break around my birthday. So it ended up working out in terms of content and I decided to let that speak for itself…or maybe I’m just lazy and forgetful, maybe that as well. Either way, my birthday happened and that went great.

I also took a trip to Austin around my birthday (also around when the hurricane was hitting Texas, yikes!) but I’m happy to report that my trip was safe and I got to see some great friends. I even got some paid time off during the trip so I didn’t lose any money going to Austin and (potentially) risking my life. In actuality though, it was just rainy and windy.

So I didn’t end up getting to go out very much or if I did it was usually pretty limited and that kind of sucked. But on the other hand Austin was mostly dealing with fallen trees and minor Facebook interruptions. So we really lucked out compared to other places in Houston. I hope anyone who enjoys or has enjoyed this site who is living in that area is doing alright and if you have some friends down there, make sure to reach out to them and see what you can do.

As for myself, I set up a charity donation for Trans Lifeline for my birthday on Facebook and ended up collecting over $500 to donate to them! It was an amazing experience and I’m so glad I did it. As someone who has struggled with the concept of living, I’m so glad I could give to an organization that does the important work of making sure people consider their options and take some deep breaths before doing anything drastic.

Content wise, August was a very interesting month.

I had a Patreon post, of course, but I also had my notice of changing my name and pronouns as well as an article by Winter, a few reviews, the return of Nietzsche to the site (in a few different posts) and some of my signature responses to articles I found online that were dissatisfying to me, for one reason or another.

Anyways enough talk, let’s get to those numbers!

Abolish Work Statistics for August 2017

  • I posted 10 times this month, with 1 post being an article submitted by my friend Winter.
  • 7 of those articles were original articles by myself.
  • This month I wrote a little under 10,000 words. 9,7000 is roughly the estimate I have and it’s the lowest I’ve done in a while. I mostly attribute this to my (somewhat poorly planned out) vacation as well as my trip to Austin. I’ll try to get back on the horse (the word count horse?) this month and get over 10,000. Still, not much of a drop all things considered and relative to what it could have been. So I still feel satisfied.
  • That estimate doesn’t include my post from Nietzsche or Winter, nor does it consider my Patreon update.
  • My article, Why Don’t We Care about Care Work? was the most popular article, being viewed 161 times! My notice of changing my name and gender was viewed 68 times while The RICH Economy stayed strong at 60.
  • Abolish Work was viewed a little under 2,100 times and had over 1,000 unique visitors to the site!
  • The level of visitors stayed roughly the same while the views dipped a little. But that’s not surprising given I’ve stayed just lazily posting my stuff on Reddit once in a while and not going into other subreddits besides the anti-work one. I’ll do my best to branch out this month and try other subreddits as well.
  • I averaged 67 views a day and averaged a little under 500 per week, not bad at all!
  • Reddit gave me a hefty 214 referrals while Twitter gave me 169 and Facebook had 110.
  • The US had over 1,200 views, the UK had a little under 200 and Canada had 144!
  • Three of the countries I found interesting around the 10-20 mark were: Hungary (18), South Korea (16) and Malaysia (11).

Concluding Remarks

August was a very interesting month and despite missing out on a movie review (that’s next on my list!) I think I put together a fairly good mix of articles. I had some shorter stuff, some longer articles and the usual length of around 1000 words. I had some reviews, some critical responses and even a few guest spots (from folks living and dead).

So despite my slightly lower statistics for August I’m pretty happy with things turned out. I’ll try to (as always…) work on advertising and also try to be better about being open if I’m planning on taking a break. Not that y’all need to know what I’m doing day to day or anything, but it’s probably the courteous thing to do.

For this month expect a movie review in the coming week as well as some critical responses to content on Youtube, a new book review to begin (chapter by chapter, of course) and maybe a few surprises! Who knows! I sure as heck don’t!

Clearly, I’ve got it all together.

Hope you’re having a nice weekend and happy slacking!

In the meantime if you want to donate to my Patreon, you can donate here!

Lastly, thanks to my patrons: David, Eben, Jamie, Leslee and Abel!

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