Patreon Update for 7/4/17

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Patreon Update(s)/Introduction

I’m not going to say anything about the holiday other than: Heck nationalism, patriotism, American and fireworks.

With that out of the way, this month was a solid one that had me meeting my goal of 10 original articles. I try to at least write 10 articles and have them be 1,000 each, which means I at least write 10,000 words a month. That doesn’t count all of the words I use for my Patreon updates, lazy posts or essays on other sites, of course.

The articles this month had my usual variety. I did a movie review, a few different chapters of Autopilot and a handful of article reviews/responses that varied in length. This month was a little more troublesome (though not too much) because I’ve been pet sitting some dogs (and a cat!) for almost two weeks now. So I’ve had to balance work, pet sitting, the extra distance I need to walk to get to places (such as work) and new and exciting commitments that are popping up.

As usual my to-do list is getting smaller every month, so if you have any recommendations for new topics that I should tackle or write about, let me know! I’ll make a post about this on my Facebook so I can take some reader suggestions.

Lastly, I skipped Portcfest for the first time in…well since I started going to it in ’09. I’ve dropped out of organizing the Alternatives Exposition due to lack of interest and a lack of necessary help in doing it. This was a tough decision and I didn’t come to it lightly, but it helped me focus more on the pet sitting and writing. So I’m not regretting it.

Speaking of no regrets, let’s look at the month of June!

Abolish Work Statistics for June 2017

  • I posted 11 times, one less than last month.
  • 10 of which were original articles which was also one less than last month.
  • I wrote over 19,000 words which is 4,000 more than I did last month! This is an estimate that is rounded down from the collaborative word counts of June’s articles and doesn’t include my Patreon update. For June, I wrote one fewer article but managed to write 4 articles more in words, which I think more than makes up for it.
  • For popular articles, How to Kill the Work Ethic was at the top with 106 views. The Panopticon in the Workplace came in second at 74 and my article on Disengagement had the third most clicks at 70.
  • In June, Abolish Work had slightly over 2,050 views and over 1,100 unique visitors to the site! This is slightly less than month (which means I’ve gone down in the last few weeks) but I also haven’t been doing amazing advertising lately. Going to try to get back to finding some good spots to advertise.
  • Abolish Work was viewed an average of 68 times a day, which isn’t great but considering how little advertising I do, I don’t think it’s too shabby either.
  • The US had a little over 1,100 views with the UK having nearly 200 and Canada having 185, not fair behind.
  • The interesting countries of note are (but not limited to): Ireland (18), Poland (12) and Croatia (10).

Concluding remarks

Well, pinning my Patreon account hasn’t done much, yet. But I plan on expanding my endeavors even further to see what sticks and in that vein I’m going to try podcasting for a bit. I’ve got a few ideas (one about pop reviews and another about critically analyzing irony) but they’re still in the workshop, for now. I’ll say more when they’re good and ready.

Look forward to July getting interesting here as I am running short on ready-made material. I may have to (gasp!) actually do some looking around on the internet to find some sources for new articles. As a side note: part of me isn’t thrilled that I have to expand my creative endeavors more just to get some money, because that means less free time. But on the other hand, if I want to get out of retail Hell, I’m going to probably need to sacrifice some more free time.

Plus, it isn’t like I’m doing things I don’t like in my free time. I’ve really enjoyed working on this podcast about pop music so far and am looking forward to doing more work on it real soon!

As always, thanks to my wonderful patrons which include Leslee, David, Abe, Eben, Paula and Jamie!

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