What Should You Do on Your Last Day of Work?

Victory never tasted so sweet!

So I reached out to friends about what I should do on my last day (what I actually did on that day is a story for another day) and I got plenty of great suggestions.

I figured there was no better place to post them than here. I have avoided attribution for hopefully obvious reasons and have also included some links for how to do the actions they are talking about.

With that said the first recommendation was:

Walk really slowly.

This one is fairly common as a tactic against work I would imagine and is a pretty basic part of trying to work less. I already did this all of the time so this one was both a no-brainer and an easy one for me to do.

On the opposite side:

Or walk around sporadically in a hurry to random different parts of the store as if one was going to do some sort of task. Make it really hard for people to get a hold of you. Pretend to be adjusting items on shelves, but actually misadjusting them.

I couldn’t really feasibly do this because of a muscle injury I have been dealing with but if you can do it and do it well this is a great way to stop working. I would add though that it is probably even better when you mix this with slowing yourself down at certain points so you don’t overwork yourself…trying not to work.

In other words, the key word here should be sporadically. Try not to do what is suggested here on a near-consistent (let alone a consistent) basis or it maybe more work than its worth.

Here was a nice and clean one:

Clog the toilet with paper and your own business if you can. It’s recommended you leave the bathroom afterwards and the building soon after that.

This one kinda speaks for itself.

Although I don’t necessarily recommend this it is certainly doable:

Loosen the screws on the bosses chair

Make sure if you do this that no one is gonna get seriously hurt. At least personally although I don’t like most bosses I am not really interested in hurting them either.

Here was one that I didn’t really get

Organize the jeans by shade into the shape of a dick

I am sure someone else can figure that one out…

Here is an awesome one:

Convince someone else to quit.

I really don’t know some universal way to do this but if you think you have the communication skills and the ample time and a good opportunity then why not give it a shot?

A somewhat inventive trick:

Lock a door

This one may be a bit risky but it could also be a lot of fun. Use this advice cautiously.

Here is a classic one:

Work-to rule: Basically do everything exactly as told to do and try to do it so it takes as long as possible. They can’t do much to you (hypothetically) because hey, you’re only following the rules, right?

sort of do this fairly often. I try to take bosses literally and work within exact limits of what they are saying, etc. It can be effective sometimes.

Someone had a fairly interesting idea:

I have always been curious to see what would happen if you just started crying. Just start crying big hot quivering lip tears until they offer you a raise or ask you to leave.

I certainly did not have the nerve for this but hey, maybe you do!

Turn the last hour into one of free play amongst your fellow workers.

A problem with this one is that your fellow workers may not be on their last day or may not want to deal with the consequences. If you are really dedicated to this idea perhaps try to plan it out in advance…

And finally:

 Call out sick

There were a few other tips here and there but I am sure you can figure them out on your own or through your own friends and decide for yourself whether it is worth it to you to do them.

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