The (Lazy) 100th Post Spectacular!

I did a thing! Woo!

…Or something like that.

First off, I’d like to say thanks to everyone who supports the site. Those who “like” the posts via Word Press and follow the blog. I will at some point try to return the favor by either sharing your blog or maybe just sending a thank you or something…I’ll figure it out!

Second, I want to just note how amazed I am…with myself. As you might guess long-term projects are pretty hard for me (not the least of which thanks to my depression and ADHD) so I am really happy and proud that we’ve reached 100 posts before the anniversary of the site. It means a lot to me to be able to look at this site and see how much time, effort and energy I’ve put into a topic I really care about that I think needs more exposure. When I first started this blog the keyword “abolish work” on Google most certainly didn’t have this site anywhere on the front page. But today it’s the third result! This happened quite a bit ago  and thankfully has remained much the same (which I’d prefer over it slipping which is much more likely given my competition is a Wikipedia article on The Abolition of Work and then the essay itself. So I am in pretty good company no matter what.

Besides all of that, again, thanks for sticking with this blog. I know that I (periodically) don’t keep up with my “post every day” routine that I’d like to do. But I typically try to aim to do it every other day or at least four out of the seven days of the week. I’m also trying to get better at letting you guys know on here (and Twitter and Facebook) whenever I am going to be away for a while. But please bear with me as it won’t always occur to me, especially when if the reason I’ll be gone for a while is more on my mind than anything else.

Finally I just wanted to share some of my favorite posts from the last 100 ones.

So in no particular order…

Depression and the Anti-Work Position

Laziness – A Great Way to get Stuff Done

Is Hard Work Valuable?

The International Institute of Not Doing Much (finding and sharing this was such a treat!)

r/Anarcho_Capitalism Sees the Possibility of Leisure, Sprints in the Opposite Direction (the title for this one was really fun to come up with and I loved writing it, very polemical but honest)

Slacking Tips for Work #6: When Is It Time to Stop Working? (embarrassingly I had repeated #3 twice so I just went through and corrected the order)

What Should You do on Your Last Day of Work? (one of the most frequently clicked on articles!)

“But Don’t People Need to Work?”

8 More Tips for Slacking in the Workplace

The Worship of Work During the State of the Union Address (one of my favorite pieces within my favorites!)

The Libertarian Virtue of Slack (I love this article in general and was so happy to have it here as well!)

Thoughts on Employment: “So What Do You Do?”

Er…turns out a lot of my favorites were my own pieces…well I guess I can’t blame anyone for saying that I am kinda into myself!

Happy slacking everyone and thanks so much for your support!

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