In Praise of (Unnecessary) Vacations

Hey folks, I’ll be going on a family vacation starting tomorrow and going until Wednesday/Thursday. So expect this blog to be back on Friday…probably.

I am bringing a few anti-work reading materials to brush up on and see if anything is worth critiquing/reviewing/posting about. So once I come back I should have some more material for this site. I’ve also had a few articles here and there that I’ve emailed people about and have received no response. So there may be a collected post of those things (just the article and some excerpts) or I may post them individually. We shall see.

I got some great feedback on my post about Depression and the Anti-Work Position and I really appreciate that. Both on here and elsewhere such as Facebook and among friends on Skype and in real life. Thanks so much to anyone who gave it a read either way.

Okay, think that’s it for now.

Happy slacking!

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