A New Schedule

I haven’t been posting lately due to a mixture of the usual: Existential dread, laziness and perhaps the fact that my to-do list has been recently cut down to a list of anti-work(ish) movies and an assortment of other half-finished ideas.

So, in order to pick the pace (back) up for the rest of the year, here is my game plan:

  • Tuesday: Original article – Likely on something that’s personal and about where I’m working. But it might also be more general or philosophical. It’ll usually be around 1,000 words.
  • Thursday: Chapter review / book review: I’ll continue with my list of work-critical books and be reviewing a new chapter of a given book each week. On the week that I’ve finished the book I will do my usual book review. Lengths will vary but for the most part they will hover around 1000-2000 words.
  • Saturday: Online media review: This may consist of me reviewing an article, a video on Youtube or elsewhere, or even a podcast episode about work/anti-work. This review category will also include a movie review once a month and those will also be around 1,000 words. On the other hand, the article/audio/video reviews or commentaries will usually be my longest and often average around 2000 words, if not more. There may be a few times where it’s closer to 1000 words, but that’s only if I don’t have much to say or perhaps the article isn’t very lengthy.

To be clear, this isn’t super different from the semi-regular schedule I was already maintaining (or trying to anyhow), this’ll just streamline it a little bit more so my process is more straightforward. And for those who enjoy the oddball lazy posts those will be scattered around the week. I may save them for rainy days in which I don’t have the energy for anything else or I may just put them out when I have them prepared, whichever.

This schedule (if all goes well) will still guarantee 9 posts a month (not including lazy posts, blog updates or my Patreon update) and around 10,000 words a month which is about where I want to be anyways. I don’t have any big projects laying in wait for this site right now besides the books I committed to read oh so long ago. Maybe if I someday finish with the book list I have (and it’s a fairly long one) I will try to tackle doing research studies or some such thing.

Regardless, I’m not giving up on this site, despite my recent personal failings and setbacks. It does me no good to wallow in self-pity and feel bad about myself and my mistakes.

Speaking of which, if you’re curious, I’ve spoken up more about what I take accountability for and you can read that (as well as some of my long-form essays which I’m proud of) at my Anarchist Township blog.

Other than that?

Happy slacking.


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