Big Site Update! – Twitter, New Domain and More!

Hey everyone, sorry for the spotty updates lately. My eczema has decided to flare up which has made concentrating on a consistent basis and putting basic energy into things a bit tougher than normal.

But I’ve got great news all around, so enjoy!

  1. The biggest announcement is that the domain is changing to a different one and that domain will be free! This will really help me out. I don’t know if it will affect the stability of the site and if it does please bear with us as we go through this rather necessary process so I can save costs and hopefully have a better site for all of you!
  2. The second biggest announcement is easily that Abolish Work has a Twitter account! If you are looking for a fast and easy way to keep up with the site and its updates (like this one), talk to me about things related to the site or whatever this is a good place to do it! Facebook is always an option if you don’t do Twitter and my email ( is also available.
  3. More exciting news! If you look up “abolish work” on Google we are search result number three! And if you look us up on Duckduckgo we are number one!
  4. We should be having Mr. Wilson back tomorrow and using Twitter I will be reaching out to people I couldn’t reach out to before (or couldn’t as easily reach out to) to get more anti-work articles republished! I will be publishing my own original work and trying to get others to do the same as it is possible too.
  5. Have questions? Want a particular article republished? Want a certain topic discussed that relates to abolishing work? Let us know!

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