Hey, is this thing on?

AW fliers!

Hey everyone!

Glad to have you (hopefully) back with us.

We have a busy week ahead of us and it’ll mostly focus on A Working Stiff’s Manifesto and seeing if we can finish it before the end of October.

I’ve added a Flattr button to the sidebar as well as under every post (including this one) so if you’d like to give us some micro-donations instead of a one-time Paypal donation then please feel free!

Aside from that not much has changed on this new server. I’ve got a lot more bandwidth to play around with as well as the ability to install plug ins but besides that, as I said before, not much has changed.

I’ve got a bunch of stories to share and talk about in the coming week or two so we have plenty of content for you!

In the meantime feel free to post any suggestions for topics or give feedback on the site or whatever you’d like.

Also, I accidentally moved the site before integrating the post saying we were switching servers so…if you’re looking for that that’s why you can’t find it. It wasn’t a terribly important post after we switched anyways so I think I’ll keep it lost.

I’m happy to say that Abolish Work (as you can see above) not only has fliers but that these were helpfully put out by a friend of mine. He put them out in a Northern California Students for Liberty event and I’ll try to remember to print some out for the Philly and NYC SFL regional conferences as well as the Boston Anarchist Bookfair.

I’ll have some exciting news regarding the B(A)B in a week or two as well but I don’t want to say anything until it’s been officially confirmed!

I think that’s most of the news for now but the site will now be updated as it was before so yay to that!

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