Color of Change 2013 Opening Keynote: Kim Katrin Crosby [Video]

So a while ago (and I do mean a while) a friend of mine on Facebook shared the following video with me, noting that it had some anti-work themes sprinkled throughout. It’s pretty social justice orientated (as you might guess from the title) but I’m into that sorta stuff so I didn’t mind as much.

Anyhow here’s a few of the things it mentions that I got and appreciated:

  • Instead of asking, “What do you do?” ask things like, “Who are you?”, “What are you like”, “What kind of person are you?”, What values do you have”, “What interests do you have?”, “What are the things you like to do?”, “What are the things that make you happy?”, “What are the things you’d do if you didn’t have a full-time job?” and so on. The further we can remove ourselves from reducing individuals to their ability to commodify their talents the closer we might get to more meaningful conversations (i.e. not small talk)
  • Try to have activism that is focused on self-care or at least tries to appreciate the people involved in it. If you’ve just done an eight hour shift you probably shouldn’t expect yourself or work with people who’d expect you to do another five hours doing something activist related. Give yourself a break by taking a nap, hanging out with some friends, watching some of your favorite shows or having a great meal. Take care of yourself and be “lazy’ if you gotta.
  • It’s good to keep in mind that the whole eight hours a day thing only really translates to three hours of actual productivity. But regardless these hours can often make us too tired to do any community organizing after work. And when we’re too tired to do things and even when we’re not it might be generally useful to be thinking of not how much more work we can do but how much we’ve already done.
  • Capitalism is so focused on production and it’s important to try not to have activism be much the same.

So yeah, Crosby makes a lot of interesting points besides anti-work stuff of course but hopefully those highlights prove useful to some.

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