The Paradox of Anti-Work

Spinning in (paradoxical) circles!

So I’ve been meaning to say for a bit now but if you hadn’t heard on Facebook or in real life by now…I got a new job.

I tried for months upon months to make just working at C4SS (and the occasional odd job writing for someone) to pay the bills or at least try to get them to pay it sufficiently. I kept telling myself that if I wanted to take freelancing more seriously I needed to try to branch out and I tried a few times to reach out to other organizations to expand my writing. But they kept falling through and I couldn’t seem to find better opportunities elsewhere.

A lot of this was (of course) my own fault. I looked but I most likely didn’t look actively enough and in the end I knew I was already pushing myself by trying to keep Abolish Work regularly updated (for little to no pay), keep going with Feed 44 throughout every given week, trying to write articles (4 op-eds and one feature) for C4SS every month, etc. I didn’t even consistently write for C4SS as much as I’d like to have. Eventually I got into a good routine for a month or two but by then I had pretty much determined that even if I did it wouldn’t make me enough money to even pay for a cheap cooperative.

And it’s worth pointing out I didn’t really expect it to. I didn’t think I could actually live off of C4SS paychecks but I thought maybe it could be a good bit of income for me just to get by for a bit. Help me get the necessary things in my life done from month to month but it never really propelled me forward. And that’s my fault for relying too heavily on C4SS despite knowing the truth of the matter.

Regardless, my part-time job is as a convenience clerk at a store in Worcester. Don’t wanna be too specific but I posted about it on Facebook so you can connect the dots if you really want to.

The question then becomes: Will I blog about this job?

The answer may surprise you!

…No but seriously, I’m actually unsure.

There’s a few things in the back of my mind but I just started the job and it’s honestly not awful (which is high praise from me). When they said “fast-paced job” they actually weren’t BSing me which is nice…in a way. One of my managers is not only super nice and understanding but also a huge nerd who isn’t into people (but does like country music…) and the other seems to be pretty understanding as well (I easily got the time off for Porcfest).

So really, it’s not the worst thing and for right now anyways I’m working two days a week which works fine for me. I’d actually like to work another day in the week but we’ll see if that happens or not. If I can do that then I can even more easily afford getting an apartment somewhere else in Worcester. But as it is, the money I get from the store plus the C4SS money (and I’m still trying to do stuff here and op-eds as well as features too if I can) should be enough for a cheap apartment somewhere.

I’m not sure what this really means for the blog. Probably not much. I still have a bunch of saved articles on Facebook I wanna talk about and once I get done with this list I’m going to start reading the next book on my book review list which will probably (probably) be Stalin’s Peasants which discusses (among other things) the anti-work like resistance that the peasants living under Stalin’s authoritarian rule. As with my review of Working Stiff I’ll be reviewing things chapter by chapter (or if they’re really long, dividing the chapter up into multiple parts) and finishing things up with a more general book review. And as before I’ll probably try to get it published on C4SS so I can make a few bucks from it as well.

I also want to briefly mention the paradox of being anti-work. It seems a lot easier in some respects than others to talk about how bad work can be when you’re actually doing it yourself. Most of the stuff I was doing (if not all of it) was an outsider looking in perspective on how work…works. And now that I have a job (again) I can come from the inside perspective at least in some limited way anyways.

Like I said though, the work is fast paced and I’m still new to the job. I’m hoping I can (at least) make the job last until Summer and then work at the Sudbury Valley School if they’ll let me in.

So I think that’s about it for now. There’s some stuff on the r/antiwork that I wanna cover if I can find the time but first I want to get this check list done or at least more significantly covered and then it’ll (finally) be time for another book review.

Till then, happy slacking!

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