For Those Who Want to Get Fired, This Twitter Feed Salutes You

Reddit is down on its luck now, I guess.

There’s probably been a time that you thought, “Man, I’d really like to quit this job but if I do that I can’t get unemployment.” Well, first off that’s not always how unemployment even works. It depends on how you were fired and for why so for sure being fired itself wouldn’t disqualify you but if you’re fired for being destructive or something I doubt you’d be getting any benefits.

Regardless if your state (for some reason) prioritizes getting fired over you quitting or you think you can get fired for minor or frivolous reasons that wouldn’t impact your chances but would make for a good story…this may be the Twitter feed for you!

It’s called (surprise!) “How To Get Fired” and at first I thought that maybe it was a new profile so I’d be able to just do a best of list or something. Then I saw that it has over twenty-four thousand tweets and noped right out of trying that. I found it through a recent thread on r/antiwork subreddit and users called it “inspirational” and “entertaining”.

Let’s take a look at some I really liked:

Alright, got to about April 4th till I called it quits (what, did you expect me to go to the beginning of the year? psh, too lazy). It’s a decent Twitter profile but a bit…bland. There are a few clever ones but those were the ones that stuck out to me in the sparse amount of time I looked through it.

See if you can find some more if you like, happy reading!

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