We’re #2!

Go us!

So I don’t know when it happened but somehow Abolish Work has become popular enough to surpass The Abolition of Work Wikipedia Page!

Now, I’m not exactly sure what dictates these sorts of things. Is it the hits? The frequency of visits? The new and improved site? I mean it can’t be the consistency of updating…

On the other hand, compared to a Wikipedia page on a fairly obscure piece (within broader culture) perhaps this site is updated much more often. I’m not sure.

At any rate it’s super awesome. We’re still getting the website a bit more together (as you can see, I’ve been making the sidebar a bit denser in terms of useful info, hope it’s helpful!) and I’ve gotta fix the images not showing up on Facebook.

But in the meantime I just wanted to have an excuse not to talk about robots taking over the world.

We’ll discuss that tomorrow!

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