“Instead of a Book by a Man too Lazy to Write One” Book Proposal Accepted!

Success Kid

How I’m feeling.

I’m very happy to announce that the radical small-scale book publisher and distributor Little Black Cart has accepted my book proposal.

What does this mean?

Well basically, they like my idea of a book and want to help me make it come to fruition. I had a very positive and encouraging conversation with someone from LBC for almost an hour today and the conclusion was that a manuscript would be due on June 1st. But I can also submit this manuscript before then if I feel like it’s ready before then.

This means my book will be published before the end of 2016.

This would be an amazing thing to accomplish and I’d certainly endeavor to sell them as low of a prices as possible. I’m hoping the book will come in around 250 pages and be $25 or less. Hopefully I can sell them for as low as $15 and still make some (some, I’m not expecting to get rich here) money for them but we’ll see!

I’m still looking for some new entries from writers and and am open to any and all submissions so long as your article is advocating the abolition, radical reduction or reform of work in some way. Many of the articles will be my own but I’d like to even it out by at least a little bit here and there when possible. Full abolition of work is preferable as a stance.

So to that end if you have an interest in submitting an entry for this book (which is just a collection of articles) please keep in mind that they should at least be 1000 words long. If you wish to go longer then that’s fine, but it shouldn’t be 10,000 words or more.

I’m looking for submissions of 1000 – 5000 words, for the most part but a bit longer isn’t a deal-breaker by any means.

If any of this sounds appealing to you feel free to email me at: voyagingman2010@yahoo.com

I already have a few folks already offering and the introduction to this “book” (if you will) shall be forthcoming. So please make sure you get back to me before the end of March/beginning of April.

In the name of transparency I’ll link y’all the book proposal I submitted at the beginning of February:

Nick Ford voyagingman2010@yahoo.com

Instead of a Book by A Man Too Busy Lazy to Write One

Me: I am Nick Ford, and I have been writing on the topic of work for over three years. My website AbolishWork.com is the preeminent source for open advocacy of the abolition of work and serves as a central online hub cataloging many anti-work texts not available elsewhere.

Market: The market for anti-work advocacy is largely untapped. There are some books that touch on the abolition of work (e.g. Bob Black’s recent Instead of Work), and there are others that focus on cultural appreciations of slacking such as Doing Nothing, by Tom Lutz.

My collection of writings would aim to do these things and more. It would include commentaries on media that involve anti-work elements, current events, theoretical abstract essays on work, and strategies to abolish work.

Description: Instead of a Book by a Man too Lazy to Write One is a unique collection of essays that challenges work while reminding us to value laziness and slacking – not just as a method of self-care, but also as an individual and collective way to resist oppression of all sorts.

Strengths and Weaknesses: The greatest strength is also its greatest weakness: There aren’t many books like this. While there are some anti-work books within the anarchist scene, many were published years ago. More recent ones tend to be dedicated to only particular aspects of working instead of work itself. As opposed to those books, Instead of a Book would be based on recent events, reprint classic texts, and tackle many different aspects of work itself.

Description of Text:

Order of Presentation:

Introduction: David S. D’Amato
Table of Contents
Anti-Work 101
Anti-Work Observations
Anti-Work Commentaries
Anti-Work Reviews
Hardly Working Series
Anti-Work and Libertarianism
Anti-Work and Mental Health
Anti-Work Strategies
Reddit AMA: FAQ
Conclusion: An Anti-Work World
Further Reading/Resources

A brief statement on the ordering of this collection:

I have ordered this collection to optimize a general reader’s introduction to anti-work thought. D’Amato will take us through some of my motivations, history, and intentions behind the site. This will lay a solid foundation for future essays and reviews and put them in better context.

The 101 section will further introduce anti-work while the succeeding sections will open up discussion about society through an anti-work lens in various contexts.

After this I will look towards a post-work world and put a FAQ afterwards for questions that readers may still have. Lastly, I will include reading recommendations for further study.

  • Character level pedagogy: High School level
    • Proposed length: 200-250 pages
    • Art and illustrations: Abolish Work logo
    • Ancillary Materials: Further reading
    • Schedule: Should this proposal be accepted I’d exert my fullest efforts to complete this collection by January 1st 2017.

And here’s the rough table of contents!

What would a world look like without work? How do we define what work means to us today? How is work affected by things like culture, the state and capitalism? This collection of essay aims to answer some of these questions and many others. This collection of essays gives insight on how present markets and governments can distort our abilities to meaningfully engage with how we want to live our lives.

Introduction: David S. D’Amato 
Table of Contents
Anti-Work 101 
Bits from Introduction,
We Have a Fan (Gorz, reconciling markets with anti-work, 3 essentials reasons to dislike work)
Work – What is it Good For? (Combine with We Have, Introduction)
The Anti-Work Workshop
Should We Abolish Work?
E. Kerr
Brian Deane x2
Anti-Work Observations
But Don’t People Need to Work?
What is “My Job”?
What we we without our jobs?
The Limits of Commensurability, The Individual and Work
Thoughts on Employment: “So What Do You Do?”
The Obsession with Hard Work
Minimum Wage, Minimum Effort?
Hard Work as Tradition
“Why Don’t You Get a Job?”
Victim Blaming
The Decline
You, The Company
Respectability Culture
Attack of the Superchickens!
Anti-Work Commentaries
The Worship of Work
Google Co-Founder
Woman Found Dead
Gallup Poll Determines
In Praise of Unnecessary
The Science is In
Italian Miner
Less Government
Time Poverty
Work Doesn’t Need a Recess
Aspirations of Many
The Ethics of Slacking in the Workplace
Open Office
Robots Will Take Over
Anti-Work Reviews
The Right to be Lazy
Apio’s Review
There is No Do
Stiff Upper Lip
Apio’s Review
Some advice
One Step Ahead
Thousand Clowns
Hardly Working Series
Anti-Work and Libertarianism
The Individualist (A) and Work
To Strive and Fail
The Sorrows of lthe Body
Anti-Work and Mental Health
Content Moderators
Work Makes us
Emotional Labor
The Sacrifices
What I’m Really Thinking
Manual Labor
Work, Stress, Death
Is There Shame in Not Working?
Happiness and Work
Wellness vs. Work
A Play on Your Passion
Anti-Work Strategies
Undermine the Need for Conventional Employment
8 More Tips
Slacking Tips Series
What Should You Do On Your Last Day of Work?
Breaking up the Career Monopoly
Won’t be Fooled Again
The Efficient Slacker
Should You Do What You Love
Some Tips
Doing Nothing
Reddit AMA: FAQ
Conclusion: An Anti-Work World
Further Reading/Resources

As you can see, I didn’t link the articles to their corresponding titles on here.


‘Cause I’m lazy.

…Oh, okay, it’s not just because of that. It’s also because this is such a rough draft and I’m also liable to edit those respective articles a bunch before publishing them. This is just to give you a feel for this book anyways.

Don’t take this as a hard blueprint and more of a suggestive guideline of where I’m going.

If you want to help make this book come out faster, please consider donating to my Patreon!

And see what your money can do besides just helping me writing more for Abolish Work and C4SS!

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