Instead of a Call for Open Submissions, by a Man too Lazy to be Clever

I’ve officially entered Phase II of my book, Instead of a Book, by a Man too Lazy to Write One!

What does that mean?

Well, March was made up of the table of contents reaching its first draft, the foreword (possibly) written and initial authors being contacted and signing on for the book. I’m happy to say that I completed 2/3 of these tasks, with only one author not officially signing on, but I imagine he will within the week.

Other than that the table of contents looks great and David S. D’Amato’s foreword is jaw-droppingly good.

Phase II is made up of contacting new authors and editing the table of contents together for May.

That first part is where y’all come in:

If you would like to be published in my book you have until May 1st to submit something.

It can be an article of any length but preferably 1000-2000 words (the usual length of posts on here)

Besides that here are some suggested areas you can think about:

  • Anti-Work and Mental Health
  • Anti-Work and Technological Unemployment
  • Anti-Work Reviews
  • Anti-Work and Individualist (A)
  • Anti-Work Strategies

I have a few other categories if none of those appeal to you but I think that should be plenty.

Should you be interested you can email me at:

Just as a disclaimer: I’m not doing this because I need submissions. I could probably submit the manuscript as is, with all of the content I have and still be happy. But to be blunt, I want to include my friends and those who have influenced me. I want to share whatever tiny notoriety this’ll give me with folks who deserve it just as much, if not more, than me.

I may be the lead person on this project, this may be my site and most entries in the book may be by me, but make no mistake in thinking that this book is about me.

I’ve never been one for having the spotlight anyhow.

Oh, and naturally anyone who submits something will get a free copy of my book if/when it’s published.

Just saying.

Important disclaimer: I am not a wealthy individual and I can’t afford to pay y’all for this in many cases except by giving you my book for free. But if you absolutely need some sort of payment, then we can work something out. I’ve been amassing the money I’m making via Patreon for a few months now and am willing to negotiate something if necessary.

2 thoughts on “Instead of a Call for Open Submissions, by a Man too Lazy to be Clever

  1. I just finished reading “UBUNTU” by Michael Tellinger. If you are not familiar with it, you might check it out. The premise of the book is that our monetary system is designed for enslavement of humanity and that we would be better off in voluntary communities that did not use money, but rather limited hours of contributions (like 3 hours per day doing work you have expertise and interest in) to maintain that community. The rest of the time could be spent doing whatever one desires. While I am having difficulty in envisioning everything he proposes (and at time he sounds like a used car salesman), still there are points that are well-made and worthy of consideration. I hope this is of help or interest. Good luck on your “work”.

    • Thanks for the recommendation, Randy!

      I’m not one much for the abolition of money but I’ll add it to my list of books to check out anyhow, thanks again!

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