Anti-Work Criticisms of the Universal Basic Income – Index

At this point I’ve written a fair amount about the universal basic income and have also hosted a few pieces by other people who are critical of the UBI. I thought that since I’ve written about it so much it may be helpful to have a sort of guide to where to find those criticisms. To be clear, I’m only counting anti-work criticisms from this site as a helpful index for folks who wanna search within the site. If you know of some others on other sites, I can list those too!

These posts will largely be ones that center around the UBI but there may be a few that just have a section or two using the UBI as an example of some sort of problem I have with a broader phenomenon.

This post will be updated as time goes on.

Unless I forget, which is possible.

3 thoughts on “Anti-Work Criticisms of the Universal Basic Income – Index

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