Patreon Update for 5/4/17

It helps me keep writing more actively!

Patreon Update(s)/Introduction

April was an interesting but slow(er) month than my usual. Some of that was due to the fact that I had a dog sitting job on one of the weekends (last weekend) where I wanted to write my Fight Club article. But instead I decided to watch the new Netflix series Dear White People (which was really good) and support trans lifeline at a trans music/poetry show.

So, as you can see, the first post of this month is the Fight Club review. Again, these movies are all based on the WatchMojo list of the top 10 jobs that’ll make you want to quit your job. I didn’t really say, but Fight Club doesn’t make me really want to quit my job. Maybe it makes me question the value of violence and masculinity, but that’s the usual.

Other than that we had my monthly commentary on the UBI…which is a bit of a joke, given I seem to comment on something related to the UBI at least once a month these days. This month I don’t have anything related to the UBI but that could surely change in the weeks ahead, so I won’t count it out.

Speaking of things I have in mind for this month, I finally took the plunge and started reading one of the books that I bought oh so long ago with my Abolish Work Patreon money. I’ll start short and simple with the book Autopilot and work my way up from there. I’ll be doing chapter summaries and reviews and then a book review once I’ve finished it, the usual.

Speaking of the usual, let’s get into the statistics for last month!

Abolish Work Statistics for April 2017

  • 9 posts were put up on the site, a 3 post difference from last month. This includes guest posts by Edmund Berger and the return of dcfrost who will hopefully have more posts in the coming months!
  • 6 posts of these posts were original posts by me, I hope to bring this up to 10 this month!
  • Conservatively speaking (e.g. rounding down the word count, not counting my Patreon update or lazy posts), I wrote nearly 20,000 words last month! This means, despite my lower amount of articles this month I still managed to keep pace with my word count from last month, most impressive!
  • My article, A Socialism that Universalized Work is a Socialism Not Worth Having got nearly 500 views and easily the most viewed in April! The Critical Review of libertarians and the UBI got a little over 200 views and Edmund Berger’s post took 3rd place with a little over 150 views!
  • Abolish Work was viewed slightly more than 3,000 times! That’s a 1,000 increase from last month! I also had nearly 1,700 unique visitors. I attribute the increase of views mostly to Reddit (specifically the lostgeneration subreddit) but Facebook definitely helped given Bryan Caplan shared my commentary on the debate. Thanks, Bryan!
  • Search engines gave me the most views still at nearly 500 views, but Reddit wasn’t super far behind with 326. Twitter gave me a respectable 241 views and Facebook gave me 177.
  • My average amount of views per month were over 700 and 100 a day, which is great!
  • Links from Twitter, C4SS and my own Patreon all tied for most clicked at 17.
  • A little over 1,700 views from the US, 445 from the UK and 189 from those crazy Canucks!
  • Interesting countries include (but are not limited to): Singapore at 11, Bermuda at 10 and Russia also at 10.

Concluding Remarks

What may look on the outside like a rather lackluster month (given I only really posted 6 times) actually turned out to be a rather fruitful one for myself and (apparently) my audience!

Thanks to everyone for your support and this month we’ll start the long journey of book reviews! I’ve actually been running out of things to do on my list of work-related articles and videos these past few months, so the book reviews should help. They’ll partially act as a buffer so I can find more articles but they’ll also be important in their own right.

Besides that, nothing too much to report, just excited to keep writing and give y’all more great content!

Thanks to my as-ever-lovely patrons, Leslee, Eben, David, Paula, Jamie and Abe!

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