We Will Return to your Regularly Scheduled Programming Shortly

If you wouldn’t mind…

With it now being eight days this is probably the longest I have gone without posting anything.

Most of that has to do with this being the major cleaning and moving week for me and my main computer I use at home being systematically unreliable to the point of me almost smashing it. So I’ve been legitimately busy and also legitimately frustrated with either not being able to post or just not having the interest, time or energy.

The good news is that I am moving and will have access to a better computer (the one I am using in a cafe right now) and a better wireless connection (which has also been the bane of my existence at home on top of everything else I mentioned).

What do you have to look forward to?

  • I will hopefully have another Hardly Working post up sometime today or this weekend. I am really trying to get it out but the process has not been kind to me. Writing is pain, as they say.
  • In addition I have (at least) a four part Hardly Working series in mind that will focus on how to tell the anti-work story through certain themes, ideas and challenges. I am not promising any happy endings though.
  • There are a few articles that have caught my eye and another few that I’ve had cued up for a while now that I can do responses to. So I will try to focus on those once I move. Both to get them cleared away as tabs on my smartphone and also so I can finally give you guys that content.
  • I will be reading A Working Stiff’s Manifesto soon and maybe I’ll do a chapter by chapter discussion and review ala my similar endeavor with LaFargue’s The Right to be Lazy.
  • I should really quote and cite Doing Nothing by Tom Lutz. Once I buy my own copy (which should be soon!) I will maybe re-read, take notes and do a discussion on that as well!
  • There are still more classic anti-work or work skeptical essays and pictures and media to explore, critique, lazily praise and so on. Got some on your mind? Send them to me via email at voyagingman2010@yahoo.com or on my Twitter or Facebook.
  • And of course I still have a Voltairine piece to post at some point.

And this is all just off the top of my head!

Again, all apologies for the lack of content lately.

I know I’m just being a good slacker but being a good slacker doesn’t always make me feel better.

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