Like a (Lazy) Phoenix We (Eventually) Rise!

When I get off this perch…oh you’ll be sorry!

Wow, so that was kind of crazy.

I am still not sure exactly what happened but suffice it to say there were some internal cording errors going on in the site and that knocked us out of orbit for a bunch of days. My host and I eventually had to turn to some outside help and I just want to thank anyone and everyone who offered their expertise, suggested people or just said a “good luck!”. I really appreciate all of the support I got. Especially on Reddit where I didn’t really know what to expect in terms of support.

As far as I know things have been solved and the guy who helped me out and my host are going to be chatting soon about any remaining and unresolved issues that are going on with the site.

I’ll be getting back to my usual postings starting tomorrow (or if I somehow get super busy then the next day) and hope to keep chipping away at my backlog of topics to choose from. I’m getting closer and closer to getting done with it. This is a bit of a mixed experience because while it’s not always the best thing to feel like you’re so behind, at least you have stuff to do that is planned out and so on. So it’s a bit of a mixed bag.

As always I appreciate tips of work related articles, news, essays or whatever. I just finished Demotivational Training a day ago or so and hope to have my review of it for C4SS published sometime next week.

Speaking of next week, the NYC (A) Book Fair is going on and I’ll be tabling as a member of C4SS/ALL as per usual. We’ll have some Abolish Work pins and I’m always open to talk about the site or whatever work related stuff myself.

I think that’s it for now, thanks again to anyone who gave me some support, I really appreciate it!

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