They May Have Jobs, but we Have Our Own Manga!

Promotional poster for the show, “

This is by far the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while: The Willfully Unemployed of Japan Have Their Own Mecha Manga

The show is called Neetenberg (高機動無職ニーテンベルグ or “High Mobility Unemployed: Neetenbergere’s and here’s a brief synopsis from Kotaku:

The story follows the young protagonist, Yu Fudo (遊 不働), a character whose name literally means “Play, Unable to work”. An unemployed slacker, Yu’s life is turned upside-down when one day he is captured by the Indentured Employment Army, a.k.a. the Death March Army. Yu is in the process of being sent to labour camp when he is rescued by the Jobless Alliance, a.k.a. the Riga Jobless.

Yu quickly finds himself the pilot of the Riga Jobless’s prototype mech, the Neetenberg. It turns out that Yu is a fabled N.E.E.T. (Next Evolution Exceed Type), an evolved human, and one of the only beings capable of powering and piloting the Neetenberg.

There are some downsides to it however:

Due to the high number of topical business in-jokes, Neetenberg will probably be an utter nightmare to translate, and even if it is, much of the humor will be lost in translation or completely fly over the head of someone not in on the jokes. That said, if you are fluent in reading Japanese, and are somewhat business-savvy, and are a fan of the Gundam universe(s), Neetenberg will not disappoint.

But if you meet those qualifiers…let me know how it is?

2 thoughts on “They May Have Jobs, but we Have Our Own Manga!

  1. Hello, my first post here – if Im allowed to post without signing up to anything (too lazy- and currently ‘working’) –
    First of all, your site is brilliant, thanks for all your efforts 🙂

    just a note for this post, NEET, is probably a play on ‘Not Employed, in Education, or Training’ which is how millions of young OECD people are now described by the IMF etc, y’know, who want to help..

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