Patreon Update for 12/1/15

You get it? Work? It’s ironic usage of words and phrases!

Hey, everyone!

Starting this month I’ll give y’all an update on what your Patreon donations helped me accomplish. I’ll be doing this every first of a given month to talk about the previous month.

For the month of November I accomplished

    • 4 Op-eds for the Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS)
    • 1 Book Review for C4SS
    • 1 Stigmergy Post for C4SS
    • 9 Original Articles for Abolish Work
    • 4 Lazy Posts for Abolish Work
    • 1 Republished Post for Abolish Work
    • 4 Youtube videos (including my Patreon intro video)
    • Edited and Uploaded* 4 videos for Feed 44, C4SS’s Youtube Channel (*1 with the help of Tony Dreher)
    • Got 4 new Patrons

In addition I:

  • Tabled with C4SS and the Alliance of the Libertarian Left (ALL) at the Michigan and Oklahoma Students for Liberty conferences
  • Organized and tabled with ALL/C4SS at the Boston Anarchist Book Fair

So if y’all are keeping score that means on Abolish Work alone I wrote around 20,000 words for free. This isn’t even counting the op-eds at C4SS which are around 6000 words each and the massive book review which is itself 20,000 words.

In addition, the sum total of my posts for Abolish Work (15) means that I wrote an original piece for Abolish Work almost every other day.

Not bad for $21 a month huh? Just think what I could get accomplished with even better funds!

Oh, and we’re almost half-way towards getting to an Abolish Work podcast!

So if you want that to happen or like the content, consider making a small monthly contribution to my Patreon!

As a special note: Thanks to Abe, James, Eben, David and Waldir for their generous contributions.



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