Patreon Update for 2/8/17

Or my anti-work in this case!

Person Update(s)/Introduction

Well, I’d like to blame how hectic of a month January was in the world of politics, my mental health or any number of innumerable variables, but in point of fact I simply forgot! I didn’t think to do my Patreon update even when I got my monthly donation of around $30 (thanks to my Patrons!) which was a new one for me.

Regardless, I’m here now and going to write it and that’s what matters.

Honestly, I couldn’t even blame my mental health even if I really wanted to. I’ve (bizarrely) been great these past few weeks despite all of the awful shit Trump has been doing as president. Isn’t it just the worst of ironies that we finally get a politician in office who will say what he means in terms of policy proposals and actually carries through…but those policies are terrible? I’m pretty sure this is a worse situation than the standard “hope” of Obama who then continued the same-old.

In any case, my mental health has been much better and in the ultimate case of correlation doesn’t equal causation it started around the time Trump got into office. I think I just started realizing (re-realizing?) how many wonderful and supportive people I have in my life and I’ve started getting closer with one of them in particular. That’s been a real lifeboat for me and helping me stay a little steadier than I was before. I don’t want to depend on this person by any means but they’ve certainly been doing their part in helping me feel better.

Anyways! Enough of that.

Y’all came here to read how much ass this site kicked (or didn’t kick?) last month.

So let’s get to it!

Abolish Work Stats for January 2017

  • I posted 9 times which was an increase over the previous month by one. Most of this I can attribute to work, adding on extra responsibilities (taking music lessons and electrolysis for my facial hair, etc.) but also, laziness.
  • That said, 7 of them were original articles and conservatively speaking (excluding my Patreon post, my lazy post and rounding downwards for the word count on each post) I wrote around 11,000 words. That’s back to my average from a few months ago, so I’ll try to bring it back up to closer to 20,000 for this month!
  • Anti-Work Liberalism is the Problem went from third place to first in this month, at 87 views. Taking second was my post on the UBI and it’s “Hold my Beer” Moment. Perhaps most surprisingly, right behind it was my rather personal post on my current job and my mixed thoughts on it
  • Abolish Work was viewed around 2,450 times, averaged around 550 views a week and over 1100 visitors in the month!
  • Search engines got me a little over 550 views, Twitter got me 124 with Reddit barely getting less at 123.
  • My Patreon page got the most clicks at 17 with a link at getting second 13 and C4SS at 11.
  • The US was where I was visited the most from folks at over 1,600 views with the UK and Canada taking second and third in the hundreds, respectively. The US continues to be the biggest place of visitors, but that’s no surprise.
  • What is slightly surprising is my growing audience in places like Malaysia (36), New Zealand (38) and I was viewed almost 20 times in the Philippines. Other interesting countries include Botswana (14), Poland (13) and Japan (10).

Concluding Remarks

Even though my post count wasn’t significantly improved and my word count went down, I still managed to get more views and less visitors…I don’t know, the internet is a strange strange place. Granted, the differential between visitors from one month to the next is in the double digits, it isn’t large.

The big news from last month is I’m steadily running out of topics from my to-do lis. This may mean I’ll need to start digging for new stories again in the coming months. It also might mean I need to start doing those book reviews…

Whatever it’ll mean for this site, thanks so much to everyone who has continued to support it!

And special thanks to my wonderful Patrons: Paula, Eben, Leslee, David, Abe and Jamie!

If you want to support my work like these fantastic folks do, please visit my Patreon page!

Even $5 really helps a small-time creator like me. At this point I’m putting my Abolish Work money towards my monthly budgets so I can do the things I really want to do (look more feminine, become better at bass guitar, etc.). I’ve only started doing that this month as far as I can remember, but just to keep records straight and transparent.

I’ve got a few post ideas lined up for the week ahead, see you then and as always, happy slacking!

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