Patreon Update for 4/4/17


Patreon Update(s)/Introduction

The month of March was mostly dedicate to quality over quantity. I spent much more time writing an individual post than thinking of posts I could make. That was in large part due to the universal basic income FAQ responses I posted over the course of a few weeks in March. But I bookended that series with a couple of separate posts so y’all wouldn’t be bombarded with only posts on the UBI. I won’t be returning to that subject for a little while as I’ve said most of the things I’d want to say about the UBI throughout the course of my 10+ posts on it on this site.

Besides the UBI series March also saw the conclusion of my responses to William Nava and Nava and I (if you look at the comments) ended up agreeing with me on anti-work. It was a nice conclusion to our discussion and helped us realize how much we had in common and what points we truly disagreed on.

I did my monthly movie review from the top 10 list about job-critical movies I keep picking from. Once I conclude the list I’ll try to pick another sort of staple I can focus on for a given month. On a relate note, I’m going to try to start reading and reviewing the books I got last year via my Patreon money and reviewing them, chapter by chapter.

Aside from that, I did the usual outreach to Reddit, Twitter and Facebook. I’m having trouble thinking of anything particularly unusual that happened in March, but at the same time, that’s not a bad thing. I’m pretty proud of myself for consistently sticking with the UBI series and seeing it through, that was a challenge towards the end!

My goal is still something like 10 original posts a month with 2-3 original posts happening each week. That isn’t always going to happen due to other commitments (my job, music, poetry, life stuff, etc.) but I’ll keep doing my best.

Speaking of which, let’s see how I did for March 2017.

Abolish Work Stats for March 2017

  • I posted 12 times which is an increase from the last month (9!
  • 9 of which were original articles which means I increased that by 2 as well!
  • Conservatively speaking I wrote around 20,000 words last month! Conservative estimates round all of my word counts downwards and don’t count my lazy posts or my Patreon update. This is quite an accomplishment and something I’m not even sure if I’ve actually accomplished before, how exciting!
  • The first part of my response to William Nava got the most views of the month at 87 with a surprise appearance by Aristotle and Leisure trailing at 57 and William’s objections taking third at 57.
  • Abolish Work was viewed nearly 2,000 times and had around 1,600 unique visitors! This is a little bit of a drop on both angles, but given my disinterest in spamming my UBI series, it makes sense I’d write more but get slightly less attention than I had for the month. So it seems doing a series has its trade-offs.
  • I had an average of around 450 views a week and 275 a day which isn’t too shabby
  • Search engines were my biggest referrals at nearly 700 views coming from it, Twitter at 91 and Facebook at 75.
  • had the most clicks at 14, my Patreon account had 9 and a link from had 8.
  • I had nearly 2,000 views from the US, 215 from the UK and 149 in Canada.
  • Interesting views tidbits: 17 views from Spain, 13 from India and 11 from Japan!

Concluding Remarks

I have restocked my to-do list with some videos, articles and a movie review to round out this month. This month will feature discussions about automation, job guarantees, business, the UBI and a few more topics!

I’m attempting to write over 10 original posts this month so we’ll see how that goes.

I have an over the phone interview with a freelance journalist who writes about technology on Thursday. So I’ll let y’all know how that goes. I also got some recent attention from anarchimedia reposting my 101 essay on some key concepts about work. You can check that out here. You can also see a more banner friendly version of the AW logo which I lovingly stole and put on the Facebook page!

My hope for the next few months is to start streamlining my book reviews in a chapter by chapter method by June, if not earlier. I have a handful of great books on work to get to, so look forward to that!

Lastly and as always, a major thanks to my wonderful patrons: Paula, Eben, Leslee, Abe, David,  and Jamie!

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