Regarding my Absence

As you may have noticed, I took off without saying much and in a fairly abrupt way. As it turns out, a friend I had gone to visit had changed their mind on the nature of a situation that happened between us. They decided to make fairly public accusations against me and I was caught completely off guard.

If you’re curious as to what happened, I just posted this (EDIT: Which I’ve since redone). If you need any more information from me, I’m happy to respond to emails about this matter. But for the most part I want to move on.

That doesn’t mean I won’t take what has happened to heart or try to learn from it, but the accusations against me are untrue and based on circumstances that do not match with what happened.

I take these accusations very seriously and while I have had boundary issues in the past, I believe I’ve been making a full and genuine effort to improve myself to the best of my ability. But clearly I need to do better and I aim to focus on that.

Lastly, I do not think my accuser is lying (something someone says can be untrue and they can still genuinely believe it) about their own experiences. EDIT: I genuinely do not understand why they have changed their mind on this matter and I’ve been informed by others that trying to is problematic in many ways (e.g. removing their agency), so I’ve deleted that.

Regardless, I think their perspective is valid and I’m very sorry that they’ve experienced these things.

If anyone requires any more information on the accusations against me, let me know.

We’ll be returning to our regularly scheduled programming (ideally) within a week or so.

Take care.

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