Patreon Update for 3/4/17

You know, “Work”.

Patreon Update(s)/Introduction 

Another month has flown by and it was quite a varied month!

I wrote an article on an anti-work movie, one on anti-work critiques, ideas about automation and I had my usual article talking about the universal basic income. I covered a swath of topics (which isn’t to say these topics haven’t been done before) and am really pleased with how the month turned out.

I’m looking for a new job (though still in the crappy retail one that I almost can stand at times) and trying to get into teaching or working with kids as that’s where my passion is these days. Teaching English online may be a path that I’m about to go on, but we’ll see if it pans out for me.

Aside from all of that though it was a mainly positive month. The lack of posts in the middle of the month reflected my trip to Washington DC for the International Students for Liberty Conference where I sold some of the last remaining copies of my book! That was really great and what was even better was making some new friends and having interesting conversations with them about abolishing work.

Now, let’s get to the statistics!

Abolish Work Stats for February 2017

  • I posted articles 9 times which keeps steady with my count from last month. Like I said, ISFLC probably got in the way, otherwise I may have been able to do 1-2 more articles than I did.
  • 7 of which were original articles by me and the othes were the Patreon update and a submission by William Nava!
  • Conservatively speaking, I wrote over 13,000 words. Conservatively meaning that I round down all of the word counts from each individual post and don’t include the Patreon update or William Nava’s submission. That’s an improvement for last month but I know I can do better and I’m looking forward to it!
  • “It’s a Terrible Life” Except Every Time We Watch it We Realize It’s Our Lives was the most viewed article at 124, Contra Musk: There Are Other Futures Besides a Governmental UBI followed closely behind at 117 and William Nava’s objections to anti-work taking third at 90 views! Fairly impressive given it was such a late entry to the month!
  • Abolish Work was viewed over 2,300 times which is slightly less than last month, averaged 85 views per day and averaged around 500 views a week!
  •  Search engines got me nearly 600 views, Reddit got me 125 and Twitter was slightly behind that at 102.
  • A link from Deoxy was the most clicked link at 16 while my Patreon was at 15 and Facebook (just a bare link to Facebook apparently) was in third at 9.
  • The United States will likely long continue its dominance of my predominant visitors and this month was no different at nearly 1500 views. While the closest countries are the UK at a little over 200 and Canada at 96.
  • Here’s a few interesting country-based statistics: I got more viewers from Sweden (54) than Australia (49) and got 21 viewers from Bermuda and 10 from Serbia!

Concluding Remarks

Quite a month! I’ve upped my word count, lost a little bit on the viewers count but gained on the visitors count (over 1,100 to over 1,200). To explain that oddity I think the visitor is each unique viewer while the views themselves could just be from those same people. I’m not sure on that, but that’s my speculation.

In any case I’ve gone the other direction since last month where I had less visitors but more views. As I said then, the internet is a strange thing and all I can tell you is the statistics I’m looking at that WordPress gives to me. Which are mostly handy and helpful but not when there are deeper questions.

On the topic of my to-do list I’ve revitalized it with some more long-term projects which I’ll start shortly (and one day those books reviews, I swear) as well as some videos from Youtube on the UBI and automation.

Special thanks to my non-patronizing Patrons: Paula, Eben, Leslee, David, Abe and Jamie!

If you’d like to help this site develop and grow more then please consider donating to my Patreon!

I don’t need a lot of money to successfully run the site and write for it but if y’all ever want me to do a podcast or dedicate myself to writing more articles in an easier fashion than every little bit helps!

Thanks for another great month and I’m excited for this one, happy slacking!

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