Patreon Update for 4/4/2016

I love irony!

The month of March has gone by and so has the first phrase of planning for my book!

Let’s see how I did:

  • I posted 14 times
  • Half of which were original articles
  • Rounding downwards and not including lazy posts or text within video posts I wrote over 18,000 words!
  • My submissions were to the usual subreddits, Facebook spots but I’ve tried to look more at the “simplifying” community and how I can reach out to them more effectively.
  • Abolish Work as a site officially has had more than 30,000 views and over 100 comments (some of which are mine, I’ll fully admit) and over 18,000 visitors!
  • Abolish Work had over 8,000 views in March and averaged over 250 views per day!
  • In a given week from February 29th – March 6th we averaged around 1,824 views a week!
  • On March 3rd we blew records apart by having 1,500 views on the site in one day!
  • And in March itself we had nearly 6,000 visitors!
  • The Simple Living subreddit has been a continued bastion of support for the site. I shared the Top 5 Regrets video on this subreddit and this was a big part of why we had such a successful month.
  • Reddit dominated in terms of referrals to the site. It brought over 2,000 visitors and Simple Living in particular brought 333 visitors. Search engines came in around the 700 mark with Twitter and Facebook at 219 and 159.
  • In the last 7 days someone searched, “…slackers might look like the left-behinds of society, but they are actually one step ahead, rejecting most of society and the social hierarchy before it rejects them. the dictionary defines slackers as people who evade duties and responsibilities. a more modern notion would be people who are ultimately being responsible to themselves and not wasting their time in a realm of activity that has nothing to do with who they are or what they might be ultimately striving for” which took up most of my screen and then some…
  • More generally “boredom” at 15 searches was still the most searched with “boredom pictures” at 6 and “hard work” and a few others at 3. I’ll try to cover boredom more on the site as time goes on as there seems to be an interest.
  • Patreon, C4SS and Wikipedia were the three most clicked links on my site at 21, 17 and 15, respectively.
  • The US continues strong in terms of monthly views, having over 5,000 while Canada has 625 and the UK has 618.
  • Other notable countries include: Hungary (142), Netherlands (88) and India (56).
  • I wanna also give a shout out to folks from the following places because it blows my mind y’all visit the site: folks from Israel, Serbia, South Africa, Mexico, Greece and there’s way more I could list!
  • I have officially passed the amount of views I got last year in only 1/4th of the time!
  • I have 16,424 views and 10,494 visitors as opposed to 2015 which had 13,964 and 8,448!
  • And of course, Abolish Work has its own pamphlet now!

So that’s all pretty exciting and you can tell by how many exclamation marks I used!

To be fair though I don’t go over these stats until I am actually do it.

So when I put those exclamation marks it’s really how I’m feeling at the time. I’m surprised as you may/may not be that this site is getting such positive reception. Mostly because I never knew/intended for it to do so well (relative to my expectations of “well”) or to even make any amount of money off of it.

Hell, I sure as heck didn’t expect to be writing a book based off of my time on here.

Let’s move on to what I did for the Center for a Stateless Society during March:

So that’s 1 book review and three op-eds!

Overall I wrote well over 10,000 words for C4SS!

That paper on prisons that I wrote for AltExpo is going to be turned into a full fledged study for C4SS.

So I am super excited about that and hope it to share it with y’all in the coming month or so.

Lastly, your monthly reminder that my book is coming out later this year!

The foreword by David S. D’amato is done and goddamn does it look good! The preliminary authors are all contacted and I am now actively seeking new authors and contributors to the collection.

If you’re interested and want more details, please read this.

March ended up being a fantastic month and I’m excited to see where this month goes!

Rest assured I’ve got plenty of content when it comes to writing original articles this month. and between that and my ongoing series on Stalin’s Peasants, April will ideally be a jam-packed month of clearing out the anti-work queue.

As always, you can donate to my Patreon to my my Abolish work podcast come to fruition faster. As of now I am more than half-way there at a nice $30 per month!

On that note I’d like to thank my Patrons: James, Eben, Paula, David and Ben for all of their generous support.

If you want to support me in a more personal way, please spread the word that it’s Autism Acceptance Month.

Thanks for all of the support, y’all.

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